Images Of Roncesvalles, Toronto To Give You Neighborhood Envy

Roncesvalles Mural | © Double Feature/Flickr
Roncesvalles Mural | © Double Feature/Flickr
Annexed into Toronto in the 1880s, Roncesvalles — referred to as ‘Roncy’ by locals — is the city’s west-side Polish neighborhood, filled with boutique shops, restaurants and outdoor food markets that line the streets. High Park is located to the west of the main strip, and Parkdale to the right, with the street boasting a view of Lake Ontario. Despite recent developments like newly added shops and restaurants, the area stays true to its roots as it’s still home to the annual Polish festival and a number of Polish shops, delis and restaurants.

Sorauren Avenue Park


Reunion Island Coffee

#ihavethisthingwithfloors and coffee

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Roncesvalles, Toronto

Streets of Roncesvalles

Galley For Mrt #Toronto #roncesvalles #street

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Pearson Avenue

Sunsets on Roncy

Houses of Roncy

Edwardian house near high park #oldhouselove #archi_ologie

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Street Art on Roncy

Explored Roncesvalles this morning. #streetart #roncesvalles #toronto

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La Cubana

Today was a long one. #vsco #VSCOcam

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Markets on Roncy

Street Car

Three reds in a row at Roncesvalles Village #toronto #roncesvalles #streetcar #street #neighborhood

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Neighborhood Watch

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Ed’s Real Scoop

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Revue Cinema

Arriving in 3… 2… 1 🚀 #toronto #ttc

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Streets of Roncy



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Street Art

…you never know what will be right around the corner! #torontomurals #graffitilove #roncy

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Flowers on Roncy

I'd like to thank my fans for all the flowers 💦💐☂

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Roncy In The 60s

Café Polonez

Guys, remember this place? #perogies #roncesvalles #yougottaeathere

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Hugh’s Room

Sweet Thrills

Willem & Jools

The Rude Boy

#rudeboy #toronto #foodporn Xx

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High Park

Roncesvalles Polish Festival

We accidentally crashed a Polish festival lol

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Gate 403

Jazz on Tuesdays and any days of the week 🙂

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Street Art

Super Kolbasa & Deli

Potato pancakes in the park. Piping hot from Super Kolbasa, we topped 'em with sauerkraut and sour cream!

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The Local Pub

High Park Curling Club

Matinee curling. #cuzitsnotcoldenoughintheoffice #worklife #toronto

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Likely General

major #cuteshopvibes 👌🏼

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A Good Read

Back shelf treasure hunting. 📚✨

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The Inter Steer

She Said Boom!


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Christopher Cutts Gallery

@carver_matthew at @cuttsgallery Right now So good! Congratulations #TorontoArtWorld #galleryopening

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Mabel’s Bakery

Saturday at @mabelsbakery #shoplocal @roncesvallesvillage #food #foodie #bread #eat #mabels #toronto #architecture

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More Street Art

Fave corner in this town. #toronto #polishfestival #streetart

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