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OJ's Organic Juices & Smoothies
OJ's Organic Juices & Smoothies
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OJ's: The Downtown Core's Newest Pressed Juice & Smoothie Bar

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Updated: 8 November 2016
This week, The Culture Trip’s foodies checked out OJ’s Organic Juices and Smoothies in the Richmond-Adelaide Centre in the PATH for an afternoon pick-me-up. Opened for about two months now, OJ’s has created quite the buzz in the financial district – we paid a visit to see what all the fuss is about.


The Theme

A small space meant for quick grab-and-go smoothies and juices, OJ’s boasts an open kitchen space and clean design – black-and-white-tiled floors, stainless steel countertops and menus in black and white projected on screens above the counter where you order. On the right, guests can choose from cold-pressed juices and juice ‘shots’ – supplied by Village Juicery – coconut water, and Rise kombucha, as well as a selection of salads and ‘breakfast jars’ also by Village Juicery, which have been launched just recently. There’s no seating here, but guests are welcome to enjoy their bowls at the counter that rests under the grass wall boasting a brightly lit sign ‘100% organic’ – and the concept is just that: everything here, from the raw, vegan protein powder and fruit to the peanut butter and maca powder, is all organic. Here, you won’t find fillers or frozen produce, and guests can rest assured that their order is exactly what is described on the menu. There’s also tea and Ethical Bean coffee available as well as almond and lactose-free milk.


Courtesy of OJ's Organic Smoothies & Juices

Courtesy of OJ’s Organic Smoothies & Juices


The Ambiance

Despite the lack of seating, OJ’s makes for the perfect pit stop – it’s quick, easy and has an inviting aesthetic. Music pumps from the speakers and the staff are friendly, especially if guests have the chance to meet the owner, Aly, a former Scotiabank employee-goes-entrepreneur. If you want to skip the line, Grabb and Ritual are also available.


The Juices

The juices, pressed on-site, are served in 16oz glasses and offer five choices from the popular green-style juices to the simple orange juice. There are also ‘shots’ that are pressed on demand.

Courtesy of OJ's Organic Smoothies & Juices

Courtesy of OJ’s Organic Smoothies & Juices


The Smoothies & Bowls

The selection of smoothies range from healthy to sweet, so there’s plenty of options to feed any appetite, and added extras like protein powder, maca, ginger, cayenne, turmeric, flax, bee pollen and almond butter are also available. For the bowls, guests can choose between greek yogurt or chia seed pudding, all for the same price. Acai bowls are also on the menu; however, there are only two options to choose from. All smoothies, juices and shots are vegan-friendly and most options are gluten-free (if requested), so those with dietary restrictions can rest easy.



Our in-house foodies at Culture Trip Toronto tried ‘The Classic 1.0’ bowl with Greek yogurt, which came with fresh fruit, granola and honey – the flavours were simple, but the fruit fresh and perfectly ripe. The ‘Going Green’ smoothie with spinach, kale, mango, pineapple, spirulina, honey and almond milk, was perfectly balanced between grassy and sweet. The overall experience was quite enjoyable, and OJ’s stands out as a competitor in the huge market of pressed juice bars and smoothies.


Overall stars (5/5): Atmosphere: ★★★★
Food: Service: ★★★
Opening hours:

Mon – Thu: 7am – 7pm; Friday: 7am – 6pm


Reservations: N/A

Address: R3, 120 Adelaide St W, Toronto Sound: Low
Nearest TTC stop: St. Andrew Station Price: $5.75-9.50
Telephone number: +1 416 364 5083 Website: OJ’s Organic Juices & Smoothies