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Kristy & Adele, Hot Cousin
Kristy & Adele, Hot Cousin
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Meet Toronto Improv Duo Hot Cousin Productions

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Updated: 21 December 2016
While Toronto-based Gilmore Girls fans are likely already familiar with Adele Dicks and Kristy LaPointe of Hot Cousin Productions, these self admitted ‘co-dependent BFFs’ are establishing themselves as a hilarious, powerful force within Toronto’s comedy scene. In addition to the popular Gilmore GirlProv, as a duo they do improv, musical comedy and web shorts. Discover how Adele and Kristy find inspiration for their acts; words of wisdom for getting into improv; and that crucial Gilmore Girls question: Dean, Jess or Logan?

Kristy & Adele, Hot Cousin Productions | © Jen Ochej

Kristy & Adele, Hot Cousin Productions | Courtesy of Hot Cousin Productions

Can you share the backstory on your name, ‘Hot Cousin Productions’?

We love the cringe worthy idea of finding your cousin attractive. We both find this concept gross… and funny. We were trying to come up with a name, and this is the one that really made us laugh. When we perform as a duo, we go by ‘Hot Cousin’ and we use ‘Hot Cousin Productions’ to encompass all of our projects (musical comedy, comedic video shorts, Gilmore Girlprov, etc).

On Stage Hands | © Jen Ochej

On Stage Hands | © Jen Ochej

Let’s talk about Gilmore GirlProv, which has become quite the hit with die-hard Rory and Lorelai fans in Toronto. How did this project come about? And how are you finding its success?

It goes without saying that we are huge fans of the Gilmore Girls. We were binge watching the series over Christmas and the idea dawned on us like a Christmas miracle. We’d seen improvised episodic shows before, and particularly loved Darryl Pring’s Joss Whedon-themed shows. The Gilmore Girls fan base is so huge that we were inspired to come up with our own format.

We hoped Gilmore Girlprov would run for a few months, completely underestimating how much people miss the actual show and need their Stars Hollow fix. We have so much fun every month, and we’re so lucky to get to perform with so many talented and hilarious improvisers.

Gilmore Girlprov | © Jen Ochej

Gilmore Girlprov, ‘Friday Night Dinner’ | Courtesy of Hot Cousin Productions

How do you come up with your material? Do you gather inspiration from somewhere in particular?

When it comes to our musical comedy, we come up with funny premises and things we’re passionate about and go from there. Sometimes that’s our undying love of Sandra Bullock, and sometimes it’s being creeped out by real life mother-daughter best friends.

Adele & Kristy| © Jen Ochej

Adele & Kristy| Courtesy of Hot Cousin Productions

What advice would you give to others looking to break into the improv business?

First of all, take classes. It’s the best way to improve your skills and meet other funny people you can work with in the future. At least half of our Gilmore Girlprov cast are friends we’ve met through Second City. 

If you want to create a show, make sure it’s something you are passionate about.

Also, try to find a theme for your show that has a large or niche appeal.

Gilmore GIrlProv Cast Photo | © Jen Ochej

Gilmore GIrlProv Cast Photo | © Courtesy of Hot Cousin Productions

What are you up to apart from your improv shows? 

We are a recording a live album of our comedy songs on Dec. 5.

It’s going to be a super fun show at Comedy Bar hosted by the amazing Caitlin Langelier. Banter. Drinks. Songs about us not liking cocaine. It’s pay what you can, so now’s the time to see us perform before our ticket prices skyrocket way out of your budget.

Other than that, Kristy spends most of her time watching Millionaire Matchmaker, and Adele is working hard on accumulating enough leggings for winter.

Hot Cousin Productions | © Jen Ochej

Hot Cousin Productions | Courtesy of Hot Cousin Productions

The only question that matters: Luke, Jess or Dean?

The only acceptable answer is Jess. Any other response is a clear indication of psychopathic tendencies. #JessHeads