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Restaurants To Try In Markham, Toronto
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Restaurants To Try In Markham, Toronto

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Updated: 9 February 2017
With Toronto just 15 miles away, Markham’s restaurants certainly have some big dining shoes to fill. The city’s Chinese population has contributed to an excellent selection of Asian-influenced restaurants; and historic Main Street is an atmospheric setting for any meal. Here are 10 great restaurants to check out here.
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Ambiyan combines fresh local ingredients with imported spices to create a menu of authentic Indian cuisine. There are plenty of vegetarian options available, as well as Indian beer to wash everything down. The décor reflects a similar blend of traditional and modern, with deep yellow-colored walls, Indian-inspired artwork, and a seasonal patio overlooking Main Street.

Ambiyan, 149 Main St, Unionville, ON, Canada, +1 905-480-0094

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Carmelina is a casual restaurant that specializes in Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. The menu features a mix of salads, pizzas, pastas and risottos, as well as meat and fish entrées. The Roman-themed interior takes inspiration from the menu, featuring luxurious seating and marble pillars. The atmosphere is complimented by live music performed on the restaurant’s in-house piano and a superb selection of wines.

Carmelina, 7501 Woodbine Avenue, Markham, ON, Canada, +1 905 477 7744

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Gal’s Sushi

Gal’s Sushi serves up a menu of Japanese and Korean favourites, including sushi, tempura, udon, bibimba, teriyaki, and grilled fish. Almost always bustling with customers, the interior is furnished with a number of long tables that are ideal for big gatherings. The sushi is one of the highlights of the extensive menu, beautifully-presented and prepared with generous portions of fresh fish.

Gal’s Sushi, 3621 Highway 7, Markham, ON, Canada, +1 905 305 7753

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Inspire Restaurant

Inspire Restaurant is an eclectic restaurant that offers an imaginative menu of fusion dishes. Think pulled pork waffles with an apple chutney, duck tacos, and udon carbonara topped with a quail egg. Portions are generous and prices are affordable considering the high-quality of the cuisine. The interior is chic and playful, dominated by red and black colors, and complimented by thoughtful music selections.

Inspire Restaurant, 144 Main Street Markham North #1, Markham, ON, Canada, +1 905 554 2889

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Ithaca Restaurant

Ithaca Restaurant is a low-key restaurant offering dishes from Middle Eastern, Italian, and Greek cuisine. Named for the beautiful island in Greece, the restaurant plays up this Mediterranean theme with its cheerful décor. Expect piled-high plates and fast, attentive service.

Ithaca Restaurant, 5308 Highway 7, Markham, ON, Canada, +1 905 471 4590

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Johnny Bistro

Johnny Bistro has been a local favorite since opening in 2003. Family-owned and operated, the restaurant is laid-back and inviting, with a pleasant outdoor patio area that’s extremely popular during the warmer months. Prices are reasonable and the restaurant often hosts live music performances.

Johnny Bistro, 5 Washington Street, Markham, ON, Canada, +1 905 201 1433

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Lemon Bistro

Lemon Bistro is a charming restaurant sandwiched between the cafés, galleries, and boutiques of Main Street North. The interior is welcoming and cozy, with warm candle lighting, lemon-yellow walls, clean white tablecloths, and views of the open concept kitchen. The small, carefully chosen seasonal menu is a blend of Italian and French cuisine.

Lemon Bistro, 76 Main Street N, Markham, ON, Canada, +1 905 209 8513

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Old Curiosity Tea Shop

Old Curiosity Tea Shop is a family-owned restaurant that serves traditional English cuisine in a Victorian-style setting. The quaint interior is decorated with lace table clothes, old-fashioned tea pots lining the walls, and vintage photographs. Each of the ten cozy tables is topped with a delicate lace tablecloth.

Old Curiosity Tea Shop, 91 Main St N, Markham, ON, Canada, +1 905 472 9927

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Peter’s Fine Dining

Peter’s Fine Dining has a long-standing reputation as Markham’s top steakhouse. The menu features a variety of steaks and seafood, with signature dishes including the USDA Prime NY Steak and the seasoned rack of lamb. The setting is romantic and warm, with wood paneled walls, a fireplace, and atmospheric lighting.

Peter’s Fine Dining, 5701 Regional Road 7, Markham, ON, Canada, +1 905 294 9039