How the Digital Side-Hustle Has Changed the Way We Travel

Courtesy of Pangea Dreams
Courtesy of Pangea Dreams
Photo of Brittney Newstead
11 January 2018

For years, the solo backpacker with nothing but a one-way ticket and lack of itinerary was the ultimate vision of someone trying to disconnect. Today, many people are doing the complete opposite. They aren’t traveling to leave work behind, but rather to connect with others and improve their skills.


In a world where we are constantly connected with everything around us, it can still feel lonely and overwhelming at times, which is perhaps why travelers are turning to community-based travel experiences to explore, to create and to connect in order to learn how to navigate the hectic digital world.

More and more people are beginning to realize that their creativity and passions don’t have to stay locked up and have taken their holidays not to relax by the beach, but to up their game so they can go home with a fresh mindset and to bring their side-hustle to life. In fact, many community-based travel experiences bring like-minded individuals together to inspire and empower each other in their interests.

“Women love to be lifted up and surrounded by other women, especially passionate, entrepreneurial spirits,” says Tracy Komlos, founder of Pangea Dreams. “During our retreats, guests begin each day by setting intentions and goals for their futures, whether that’s being their own boss, or balancing their career with wellness. Each woman leaves with a powerful community and network of other women who support them well after the retreat is over.”

Travelers seeking community-based experiences consider their fellow travelers and the skills they will gain just as important as the destination that will be surrounding them. As much as Hawaii’s beaches may sound tempting, many travelers with a side-hustle are now more inclined to use their precious vacation time to travel somewhere like Cambodia. That’s if there’s a group there ready to immerse themselves in social media strategy, videography and photography workshops without the distractions of day-to-day life.

Socality Camp | Courtesy of @ajfernando

It’s no secret that social media has changed both how we live our everyday lives and the way we travel. It has allowed many travelers to live remotely and turn their passion of writing, photography or web design into a full-time career. It has also made it easy for those who are craving this life to seek out advice about how they can do the same, leading to community-based travel experiences focused on workshops such as Socality Camp. Founder and photographer, Scott Bakken, says, “Learning and creating is always an outcome of our trips, but the main goal is to provide a space of belonging. Social media has connected people across the globe and has allowed them to build sincere online friendships. Traveling to learn from each other’s experiences seems like a logical next step. We have taken that next step and turned it into a community-based experience.”

Shared experiences can turn solo travel into a powerful way to connect with others, but also allows travelers to step outside of their comfort zones. From learning new skills to picking up a new hobby and building a community, there is no limit to what this new breed of travelers can achieve when they don’t have the daily grind distracting them.