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© Irakite / Shutterstock
© Irakite / Shutterstock
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Canadians Have Started Taking Alpaca Dance Lessons, Because Why Not?

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 8 August 2017
Only in Manitoba…

So, yes. The apocalypse has officially begun. At least hell is in the form of alpacas – and who would have thought they knew their waltzes from their foxtrots and salsas?

Deep in Manitoba (obviously), a small farm has just started rolling out and offering outdoor dance sessions with their alpacas. You’ll find the craze at 313 Farms, and according to the lovely people at Modern Farmer, it’s been an instant hit. Now here comes the hilarity. The dance classes offered range from Poppin’ Pacas Hip Hop to Barn Barre to Paca Pilates. No words. Honestly, no words.

The Gilbert Plains, Manitoba
The Gilbert Plains, Manitoba | © Jostein Hauge / Shutterstock

Sadly, you wont be able to strike a pose with your new furry friends. Instead, you’ll be dancing and exercising around them. Classes last 45 minutes, and if the fuzzy beasts take a liking to you, expect a lot of hoof-style boogieing (in English, that means petting).

Ann Patman, one of the classes’s co founders, told Canada’s Global News:

‘The people who have been here really like it. They love the interaction with the alpacas, they love that they’re so friendly.’

After, there will be a little ‘meet and greet’ opp, where you’ll be able to feed them and, of course, take an obligatory selfie which you can then upload to Instagram.

What’s even more terrifying is that the classes have been extended to meet demand. Better book before winter kicks in.

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