Canada’s Most Beautiful National Parks, Ranked

Rocky Mountains | © Canadian Tourism Commission
Rocky Mountains | © Canadian Tourism Commission
Photo of Kate Horodyski
23 January 2018

The diversity and vastness of the Canadian landscape offer a wide array of gorgeous scenery and experiences. From the Rocky Mountains to Arctic glaciers, the country’s parks serve up non-stop eye candy. Grab your camera and start planning your adventure!

Fundy National Park, New Brunswick

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Fundy National Park
Fundy National Park | © Canadian Tourism Commission
The Bay of Fundy is one of the most popular destinations in all of the Maritime provinces, and nowhere is it better experienced than at New Brunswick’s Fundy National Park. Discover the highest tides in the world. Also, walk along the ocean floor, and paddle along the Fundy’s rugged coastline.

8. Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

Who knew wide-open space could be so gorgeous? At Saskatchewan’s Grasslands National Park, you won’t find mountains, ocean, or forest—the usual scenic jaw-droppers. Instead, you’ll find prairie fields as far as the eye can see. Enjoy the stark beauty of the prairies while you watch bison, prairie dogs, and antelope roam through the grasslands.

Grasslands National Park, Highway #4, Val Marie, SK, Canada, +1 306 298 2257

Grasslands National Park Tourism Saskatchewan Chris Hendrickson

Grasslands National Park | © Tourism Saskatchewan / Chris Hendrickson

Yoho National Park, British Columbia

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Yoho National Park
Yoho National Park | © Alpine Rafting / Valerie Pleym
It’s hard to argue with the beauty of Canada’s Rocky Mountains, which is why this is the first of three of the region’s parks to make this list! With waterfalls, mountains, and a turquoise river, this park is an outdoor wonderland.

5. Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia

Cape Breton has repeatedly been ranked as one of the best islands in the world, and there’s no better place to experience its natural beauty than with a visit to the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Located along the famous Cabot Trail, the park offers a stunning combination of rolling highlands, forests, and ocean views.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park, NS, Canada, +1 902 224 2306

Cape Breton Highlands Nova Scotia Tourism

Cape Breton Highlands | © Nova Scotia Tourism

Sirmilik National Park, Nunavut

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Sirmilik National Park
Sirmilik National Park | © Nunavut Tourism / Hans Pfaff
A visit to Canada’s Arctic is a truly unforgettable experience. One of the best ways to take in the breathtaking scenery is through one of the area’s National Parks, and Nunavut’s Sirmilik is our top pick. It’s one of the most diverse ecosystems in the Arctic and home to glaciers, mountains, icebergs, Narwhal whales, polar bears, and so much more.