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The Best Coffee Shops In Calgary, Canada
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The Best Coffee Shops In Calgary, Canada

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Coffee lovers are spoilt for choice in Calgary, thanks to the Canadian city’s many great quality coffee shops. Here’s our pick of the best places to while away a few hours over a hot drink.
Higher Ground - Menu
Higher Ground Cafe Menu | © Calgary Reviews/Flickr
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Higher Ground

Specializing in completely fair-trade and organic ground coffee, Higher Ground serves a total of seven different roasts, ranging from medium Peruvian to dark Kodiak varieties. Tied into this concept is their ‘environmental mission,’ so you can rest assured that your cup of coffee is contributing towards a more sustainable industry. Alongside their range of hot drinks, the café also offers a tasty range of breakfast dishes, sandwiches and salads.

Higher Ground, 1126 Kensington Road N.W., Calgary, AB, Canada, +1 403 270 3780

Cafe Rosso Latte
Cafe Rosso Latte | © Calgary Reviews/Flickr

Café Rosso

With three locations across the city, the independent Calgary chain Café Rosso is a favorite with Albertan coffee lovers. Each of these coffee shops has their own unique atmosphere, with settings ranging from a former iron foundry from the early 20th century, to a renovated building once used as a schoolhouse. What links their three locations, however, is the great quality coffee, sourced from sustainable retailers, and the homely fresh-made food.

Café Rosso, Ramsay, Dominion Bridge, 803 24 Avenue S.E., Calgary, AB, Canada, +1 403 971 1800

Café Rosso, Victoria Park, Arriva Tower, 425 11 Avenue S.E., Calgary, AB, Canada, +1 587 352 5080

Café Rosso, Stephen Avenue, Telus Convention Centre, 140 8th Avenue S.E., Calgary, AB, Canada, +1 403 264 7900

espresso | © brian/Flickr
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Fratello Analog

With both drip and espresso on offer, Fratello Analog is a dream for those seeking a consistently great cup of coffee. Having long been a supplier of high-quality coffee beans across the city and further afield, the café location means you can now sample their own roast in house. Decidedly unpretentious, friendly staff make this a great local haunt to grab a drink whilst exploring the nearby Calgary Farmer’s Market.

Fratello Analog, Calgary Farmer’s Market, 510 77th Avenue S.E., Calgary, AB, Canada, +1 403 265 2112

Post breakfast cappuccino
Post breakfast cappuccino | © Brian Uhreen/Flickr
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deVille Luxury Coffee

A café that truly indulges in the art form of the perfect latte is deVille Luxury Coffee. Their range of drinks is decidedly purist, focusing on upscale versions of the classic Americano, macchiato and cappuccino, although there are also some flavored and more adult-friendly ‘boozy’ lattes on offer too. Thanks to its central location, this place can often be very busy during the morning rush, but luckily service is always quick and efficient.

deVille Luxury Coffee, 807 1 Street S.W., Calgary, AB, Canada, +1 403 263 0884

Coffee and beans
Coffee and beans | © Michael Stern/Flickr
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Kawa Espresso Bar

For those looking for a more unique coffee experience, Kawa Espresso Bar is the place to go. Alongside their signature ‘49th parallel’ roasts, the café also serves other popular branded beans, such as Vancouverite ‘Elysian’ and European inspired ‘Josuma’ roasts. The spacious interior of the place ensures you should always be able to find a comfy spot to enjoy your drink and some of Kawa’s great fresh food.

Kawa Espresso Bar, 1333 8 Street S.W., Calgary, AB, Canada, +1 403 452 5233