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Bow Lake in Banff National Park | © Gregsu / Flickr
Bow Lake in Banff National Park | © Gregsu / Flickr

17 Canada Travel Tips That Might Save Your Life

Picture of Hayley Simpson
Updated: 6 March 2017
When traveling in Canada, there are many things to remember to ensure you have the best and safest vacation possible. For example, it’s important to know which areas to avoid, emergency numbers, and how to be prepared for all weather conditions. Here are some travel tips for visiting Canada, which might just save your life.

Know what to wear

Temperatures and climates differ across Canada, so it’s important to do research before traveling. For example, a visit to Vancouver in winter will be very different than winter in Winnipeg. Winter weather essentials, no matter where you go, include good-quality snow boots, woolen accessories, and a waterproof jacket.

Dressed for winter
Dressed for winter | Pixabay

Protect yourself against petty crime

Petty crime is, unfortunately, rife in most large cities around the world. Many thieves target tourist attractions and hotels, as they believe vacationers are easy targets. Handy tips include leaving your passport in the hotel safe and carrying a photocopy with you. It’s also helpful to try and keep luggage out of sight in cars and not to leave any valuables behind, even in a locked vehicle.

Prepare for weather conditions