12 Weird and Wonderful Snacks You’ll Only Find in Canada

Nanaimo Bars | © Craig Dugas / Flickr
Nanaimo Bars | © Craig Dugas / Flickr
Photo of Kate Horodyski
27 December 2017

Yes, Canada is full of stunning landscapes, unforgettable experiences, and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. But another key reason to visit? The following amazing snacks and treats you can’t find anywhere else!

All Dressed Chips

The internet went crazy a couple of years ago when All Dressed chips were released in the U.S. for a limited time, and with good reason. This flavor is unique to Canada, and it is delicious. With a combination of a number of different chip flavors, it somehow comes together in the most irresistible way.

All Dressed Chips | © Tri. / Flickr

Dill Pickle Chips

Dill pickle is another unique chip flavor you’ll only find in Canada. These may sound unappealing, but they are delicious. Fans of salt and vinegar chips will love the tangy flavor.

Taffy on the Snow

Taffy on the Snow may just be the most Canadian treat of all time. It is exactly as it sounds—hot maple syrup that is poured onto fresh white snow and then swirled onto a stick and enjoyed. Yes, this is a real thing.

Taffy on the Snow | © Jaime Walker / WikiCommons

Moon Mist Ice Cream

Moon Mist ice cream is as Instagrammable as it is delicious, with its swirls of pastel purple, blue, and yellow. You’ll only find this special flavor in the Maritime Provinces!


By now, the world has caught on to the amazingness of poutine; therefore, you can find it here and there outside of Canada. But for a true experience, you need to try poutine from Canada—or even more specifically, from its city of origin, Montreal. Fries smothered in cheese curds and gravy—it just doesn’t get much better than that.

Poutine | © Guilhem Vellut / Flickr

Cream Soda

This pink fizzy drink can only be found in Canada, and it’s worth a visit just for it. Soda drinkers will love the sweet, creamy flavor.

Nanaimo Bars

No Canadian dessert platter is complete without Nanaimo Bars. These sweet squares, which originated in Nanaimo, British Columbia, are to die for and consist of a layer of wafer crumb base topped with buttercream custard and coated with melted chocolate.

Nanaimo Bars | © Craig Dugas / Flickr

Butter Tarts

Butter tarts are another dessert plate must-have. They are kind of like bite-sized sugar pies but with pecans, and they are delectable.

Montreal Bagels

Can you guess where these came from? Montreal bagels are notably different from your typical bagel, as they’re thinner and denser—and oh so delicious. If you find yourself in Montreal, make sure to go to a bagel shop where you can watch the bakers make massive batches of bagels in their wood-fired ovens.

St-Viateur Bagels | © Lou Stejskal / Flickr


The sugary tabs that Americans call Smarties are called Rockets in Canada. Canadian Smarties, on the other hand, are similar to M&Ms but are sweeter and more colorful. They’re a favorite with kids, but adults love them too!

Caesar Cocktail

This Canadian twist on a Bloody Mary takes the classic breakfast drink to a whole new level! Rather than tomato juice, the cocktail is made with Clamato (tomato juice with added clam juice). It sounds strange, but it is a total game changer.

Caeser Cocktail | © Ruth Hartnup / Flickr

Coffee Crisp Chocolate Bar

Coffee Crisp chocolate bars alone are worth a trip to Canada. With layers of vanilla wafer and coffee-flavored filling and a chocolate coating, this bar is a local favorite.

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