12 Stunning Nighttime Photos You'll Wish You'd Taken in Toronto

Night shot of Toronto| © paul bica / Flickr
Night shot of Toronto| © paul bica / Flickr
Photo of Emily Paskevics
31 March 2017

Whether you want to capture raw street scenes or a sweeping panoramic skyline, Toronto can be a strikingly photogenic city. At night, the photo opportunities take on an entirely different character, showing another side of Toronto’s cosmopolitan appeal. Here are some examples of the city’s most iconic buildings, streets, and neighborhoods captured in the mystery of darkness.

Casa Loma

Day or night, Toronto’s only castle always creates a great photo op. Taking pictures of it at night is an unusual take on the majestic building set in its extensive surrounding gardens.

Casa Loma at night | © elPadawan/ Flickr

Distillery District

With its somewhat European flair, the Distillery District is a popular place to visit in the city for markets, theater, and even marriage proposals. The cobblestone streets and Victorian-style architecture plus the combinations of angles and scenes are endless, especially at night.

The Stonehouse Distillery at Toronto's Distillery District | © Benson Kua / Flickr

City skylines

Whether you’re looking over at the downtown core from the west or east end, or otherwise taking in a wide panoramic view from the Toronto Islands, the city has a distinctive skyline that has been photographed and re-photographed through the decades.

Toronto Skyline | © allen / Flickr

At night, the skyline dances with light reflecting off the waves of Lake Ontario, creating striking and memorable photos as the city meets the water.

Toronto from the water | © tsaiproject/ Flickr

Architectural landmarks

With hardly a right angle in sight, the giant crystal that juts out of the traditional structure of the Royal Ontario Museum offers endless opportunities for creating multi-faceted photography. The ROM is one of Toronto’s cultural hubs, and its controversial design has also made it a city landmark.

The Royal Ontario Museum at night | © Umair Khan/ Flickr

Other architectural landmarks in the city include both Old and New City Hall, which are fascinating to look at by day but become stunning by night.

New City Hall | © Mycatkins/ Flickr

In contrast, Old City Hall offers a glimpse of Toronto’s historical architecture, which is even more impressive against the dark sky.

Old City Hall | Preeteesh Singh/ Flickr

Downtown neighborhoods

Even late at night, Toronto’s downtown is full of life. Neighborhoods like Kensington Market, Chinatown, and the Entertainment District can still be dazzling in the dark—often even more vibrant than during the day.

Chinatown at night, after a storm | © Nicolai Grut/Flickr

With a thriving nightlife, major arteries like King and Queen West can’t be missed, even long after the sun goes down.

King Street at Night | © John Vetterli/ Flickr

On damp evenings, the streets are softened by fog and diffused light, creating intriguing composites.

College & University | © Alexander Farley/ Flickr

Harbourfront & the Lakeshore

Lined with parks and boardwalks, the Harbourfront and lengthy Lakeshore areas can be mysterious, misty places late at night. Whether you’re looking out over the dark water or toward the city, there’s urban beauty all around.

Toronto Music Garden | © Daryl Bruvelaitis/ Flickr

In any season, the shores of Lake Ontario are stunning to photograph. Night shots from both the west and east end capture different angles of the city’s breakers and beaches.

Toronto lakeshore after sunset | © Canned Muffins/ Flickr

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