The 12 Best Family Friendly Restaurants In Toronto

Terroni | © Dylan + Jeni/Courtesy of Terroni
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9 February 2017

Parents of Toronto, whether you’re a local or visiting, there are plenty of spots that are both welcoming to families and go beyond your typical kid-friendly chain restaurants. Here are 12 family friendly restaurants that are sure to accommodate all ages.


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Courtesy of Barque Smokehouse
Barque Smokehouse is a popular Toronto favorite. There are many reasons to love this local favorite BBQ spot, but particularly because families are very welcome at Barque. There is a kid’s menu that includes drinks and sides for little ones. Plus, the restaurant features family themed nights every Sunday, as well as brunch on the weekends. Families are guaranteed a lovely atmosphere for everyone to enjoy some good food. Since barbecue is pretty much guaranteed to make a mess, regardless of age, you don’t have to worry about any spills.

Magic Oven

Imagine the look on your little one’s face when you tell them they’ll be eating dinner at a place called Magic Oven. Everyone loves a good pizza and this neighborhood favorite delivers on satisfying any pizza craving. The Danforth location of the Magic Oven is especially worth a visit for families on a budget. On Mondays, kids eat for free between 5 pm and 9 pm. The kid’s menu also comes with puzzles and a quiz. The menu is diverse, easily customizable, and offers options for almost everyone. Choose from vegan to seafood pizzas, and anything in between.

Magic Oven, 1450 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada, +1 416 462 0333


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Terroni | © Dylan + Jeni/Courtesy of Terroni
Bringing true Italian food and culture together, Terroni is the perfect place to end the night with a dinner genuinely reminiscent of a home cooked meal. Terroni offers a classic Italian menu that is sure to please the whole family, since it’s hard to go wrong when pasta and pizza are up for grabs. The small partnered restaurant began its footsteps at the heart of Queen street west and has now made it to downtown LA. The original, however, is right here in the 6ix. Terroni is a great tourist spot to experience true Torontonian Italian culture.

Pizzeria Libretto

Pizzeria Libretto is a must visit for those that enjoy a gourmet pizza at any age. Toronto is filled with pizzerias and Italian restaurants but only a few are a must visit, especially if you’re only temporarily in the city. The Danforth location of the pizzeria is highly accommodating for families: paper and crayons to keep little hands occupied, and a welcoming, friendly environment.

Pizzeria Libretto, 550 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada, +1 416 466 0400

The Ace

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©Emma McIntyre, Courtesy of The Ace
Located near High Park, The Ace is perfect for lunch or dinner while out and about in Toronto. During springtime, get some nice pictures at the cherry blossom trees of High Park and then grab a bite at The Ace. The restaurant features a kid’s menu with a variety of options from fried chicken to grilled cheese to some good old spaghetti. There is also Family Time every Sunday, along with brunch every weekend with many options to whatever your family is craving. Be sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to get access to their nightly specials. Not to mention that with the purchase of an adult entrée, you can have any kid’s meal free.

Uncle Betty’s Diner

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The Miller lounge
The Miller lounge

Whether you’re a local, or a vacationer sick of eating out, it’s easy to start to miss mom’s food. Uncle Betty’s Diner aims to fill that gap. The food has a homemade, comfort appeal, reminiscent of mom’s dishes. The menu is full of creative and innovative dishes, giving a spin on classic dishes. Kids will love the Cap’n Crunch chicken fingers or chilled mac and cheese during dinnertime. The brunch also doesn’t disappoint with pancakes, donuts, and stuffed French toast to help kick off your day. The staff are vibrant and friendly, allowing anyone to feel at home at this hidden gem of Toronto.

Fresco Fish & Chips

Fresco works hard to cater to every kind of customer and to bring a great food experience for all. If you’re visiting Canada for the first time, indulge in our unofficial national dish, and head on over to Fresco and give their poutine a try. Their special Quebec style poutine is a local favorite. Fresco is very family friendly, as well as vegan friendly: opt for their vegan poutine made with fresh vegan mushroom gravy, a great twist on the Canadian classic dish.

Fresco’s Fish and Chips, 816 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON, Canada, +1 647 748 4557

Emma’s Country Kitchen

Toronto is such a diverse city, filled with thousands of restaurants. The sheer variety can be overwhelming, especially for those visiting from out of town. Emma’s Country Kitchen is the perfect brunch and lunch spot for some good comfort food reminiscent of home cooked meals. It is definitely a friendly family environment, and a great place for those with children. Emma’s is homely, and the servings are generous, they’ll easily fill your eggs Benedict cravings. Located on St. Clair West, it is easily accessible via the TTC, and allows for a great lunch or brunch with the family. The biscuits are not to be missed. For an indulgent treat, arrive early for their mouth watering doughnuts.

Emma’s Country Kitchen, 1108 St Clair Ave W, Toronto, ON, Canada, +1 416 652 3662

The Old Spaghetti Factory

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This might not qualify as a hip indie spot but The Old Spaghetti Factory is a classic for a reason. The site, a renovated warehouse, is full of kitschy delights for children (or adults), including a streetcar, an antique elevator, and a 100-year-old carousal. Whether you eat inside a streetcar, or admire the fabulous collection of antiques and artifacts the whole family is sure to leave with a memory. You can’t go wrong with a uniquely themed restaurant with a great dining experience. No matter what sort of spaghetti you’re craving, this restaurant has got you covered. You can mix and match sauces or opt for some classic spaghetti. There are also options for steak and ribs for the meat lovers in your family.

Prohibition Gastrohouse

Family friendly is an understatement when it comes to the Prohibition Gastrohouse. From oysters to poutine to a well-rounded kids menu, there is an option for every member of the family. Kids under 10 eat for free with an adult for brunch, which makes this a great option for families on a budget. There are also balloons, coloring pages and cartoons on the TV, which helps keep the little ones occupied while you eat. There is also booster seats, high chairs and stroller parking, making it a lot easier for families with small children and infants to have a great night out.

Prohibition Gastrohouse, 696 Queen Street E, Toronto, ON, Canada, +1 416 406 2669

Courtesy of Prohibition Gastrohouse

Courtesy of Prohibition Gastrohouse


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Courtesy of Fresh
Fresh is a chain restaurant, making it highly accessible no matter where you are in Toronto. Fresh restaurants are a great option for vegetarians or vegans, as the food is plant-based fare. Dairy is an option, but not a necessity throughout their menu. There is an option for kid-sized noodle portions for the little ones. Best of all, you’re subtly instilling some pretty great values for kids, a restaurant that attempts to provide completely organic and promote healthy eating for the whole family. A great change of pace after too many hamburgers or pizza nights.

Hello Darling

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Hello Darling, Toronto
Hello Darling, Toronto | Courtesy of Hello Darling
Avoid the mess of pancakes at home and head to Hello Darling. This adorable brunch spot is a must visit for breakfast lovers, bleary-eyed parents, and energetic kids. The menu features a variety of food from a home fries poutine to shakshuka (a Middle Eastern breakfast dish), to a breakfast quesadilla. The cheery vibe in the restaurant is a great way to start your morning. For families with smaller children or infants there is a stroller parking which makes everything a whole lot easier.