10 Up-and-Coming Photographers from Nova Scotia

Dave Culligan | Courtesy of Dave Culligan
Dave Culligan | Courtesy of Dave Culligan
Photo of Kate Horodyski
26 September 2017

Nova Scotia is bursting at the seams with art and creativity, and one of the best places you’ll find this is among the region’s many talented photographers. We talked to 10 of Nova Scotia’s best up-and-coming photographers to see what inspires them and how they stand apart from the crowd.

Chillin with Bernie

“Here on the East Coast, I am at the forefront of this new age photo community that has blossomed in the past few years. Within this community, I have carved out a unique perspective, shaped by constant influence of other creatives from around the world. I pride myself in my day-to-day life on my ability to adapt to social situations and I believe that bleeds into my work as a photographer. In the early stages of my self-taught journey, I was drawn to street photography with its urban, candid, and symmetrical feel. Later on, these interests slowly transitioned due to the realization that this narrow focus couldn’t survive here in Atlantic North East. I shifted my sights on highlighting the beauty the Atlantic provinces had to offer, all the while applying the same elements as before. At all times trying to stray from the normal practices, pre-conceived notions on which lenses to use when, and keeping away from the standard over-saturated views. I continue to grow, always adapting to my surroundings, with the hope I can someday be the influence that others were for me.”

For more killer shots, follow Chillin with Bernie on Instagram and online.

Courtesy of Chillin with Bernie

Dave Culligan

“I’d honestly just say that I don’t believe I’m particularly talented in any aspect of photography, but I just try to always be moving, doing, and trying new things. That’s why my Instagram bio says “Doing & Documenting”. I love how accessible photo and video are these days, 99% of my photos are taken on iPhone.”

For more “doing and documenting,” check out Dave on Instagram and YouTube.

Dave Culligan | Courtesy of Dave Culligan

Lindsay McMullen

“Beauty is found if we stop to look for it. This simple notion is what I love about photography … the ability to capture and document small, beautiful moments. I am a designer at IBM and also a photographer who hangs her hat in Halifax, Nova Scotia. What sets me apart as a photographer is most likely my consistent warm tones throughout my feed, and perhaps my ever-changing hair colour. I love posting travel photos and video, but also portrait and wedding work.”

For more cool, vibey shots, follow Lindsay on Instagram and online.

Courtesy of Lindsay McMullen

Carmen Flemming

“My style is mostly light and bright, however, I do love a good dark and moody shot. I specialize in product photography and also love to shoot interior design/decor. You’ll hardly ever find me doing staged engagement or family shoots, but I love to capture candid moments and portraiture.”

For more candids and product shots, you can find Carmen online here.

Makeup | Courtesy of Carmen Flemming

Nick Hudson

“I’m a fairly simple guy, I have a strong passion for photography and marketing. I spend my free time around the city finding new angles to take pictures from. My style is mainly urban. I’m in love with the urban lifestyle and culture and love to capture every aspect of it in my images.”

For more awesome shots of Halifax and beyond, follow Nick on Instagram and online.

Halifax | Courtesy of Nick Hudson

Alexa Cude

“My style is informed by years of working with film and analog technology in art school as well as a deep love for exploring and an endless awe of the natural beauty I find at home in Nova Scotia and further abroad. Although a lot of the east coast is very rugged and wild I capture gentler and more feminine views by shooting at specific times of day and working with a softer colour palette.”

For more stunning pics, follow Alexa on Instagram.

Big Island, NS | Courtesy of Alexa Cude

Monica Phung

“The first camera I ever purchased was 35mm film. I bought it at a flea market six years ago not knowing if it even worked. Turns out it did and from then on, my life has changed significantly.

Learning to shoot, primarily on film, has taught me to be observant and patient with what I choose to capture. Those traits have translated into my relationship with digital cameras. I often don’t shoot if I am not sure about what I see, even with the convenience of DSLRs. It’s easy to just start clicking without thinking about what’s in your frame and what your subject is. So I cherish the fact that when I shoot, either film or digital, my mind works as if it’s film. Everything I shoot, I want it to be special and express the little moments, whether I’m shooting on land or underwater – oh ya, I’m a certified underwater photographer too! For some people, it’s yoga or writing, but for me photography is my outlet and I choose it every day.”

Check out Monica’s photos from land and sea on her Instagram.

Monica Phung | Courtesy of Monica Phung

Mike Bernier

“I grew up in the beautiful town of Lunenburg, which has helped mould me into the artist I am today. Such a creative town with lots of talent. I worked so hard to make money and try to please everyone with the photos they wanted. Once I figured out that photography wasn’t about making people happy, but making myself happy is when my work changed and has been getting great feedback. There are issues in the world that people push away or overlook and I wanted to bring awareness to. Mental illness is such an important issue to me and I would like to help in any way I can … I feel like an artist, and not just ‘another photographer.'”

For more of his moving photos, follow Mike on Instagram.

Courtesy of Mark Bernier

Jessica Emin

“I try to make food, the colours and textures, work together to make the most attractive tableau possible. The whole process, from picking up the groceries and props, to photos, then eating and editing is so therapeutic to me. I get to be mostly alone in my space and kitchen and create something that looks and tastes good. It plays to the senses. Often someone might be a food photographer or a food stylist, I like to do both.”

For more mouthwatering shots, follow Jessica on Instagram.

Crawfish Boil | Courtesy of Jessica Emin

Chelle Wooten

“As a classically trained artist/photographer, I tend to I see more than just the subject that I’m photographing. I like to incorporate beautiful landscapes in my portraits as well. I like to keep things really simple and natural when I’m photographing people. I don’t rely on strict poses and avoid props and themes. I’m a bit awkward and try to stay humble! My clients tell me all the time that I make them feel comfortable in front of the camera, so maybe that has something to do with it!”

For more portraits and landscapes, you can find Chelle on Instagram and online.

Chelle Wooten | Courtesy of Chelle Wooten

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