10 Quirky and Fun Fitness Classes in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax Circus | Courtesy of Halifax Circus
Halifax Circus | Courtesy of Halifax Circus
Chances are exercising isn’t high on your list of things to do while you’re on vacation, but this list might just change your mind. Check out these awesomely unique fitness classes in Halifax that are cool enough to make it onto your travel itinerary.


We can’t think of a better way to unwind after a day of sightseeing! Enjoy a slow, stretching yoga class while getting a massage from an RMT! Class sizes are kept small, so you get lots of hands-on time.

1451 Brenton St, Halifax, Canada (902) 880-1896

Hula Hoop, Serpentine Studios

Take it back to the playground with a Hula Hoop class at Serpentine Studios. You’ll be having such a good time that you’ll hardly notice you’re getting an awesome cardio workout.

5527 Cogswell St, Halifax, Canada (902) 406-1668

Hula Hoop Serpentine

Serpentine Studios | Courtesy of Serpentine Studios

Contortion at Iness

If you’re already flexibly-inclined, take things to the next level with a Contortion class at Iness. You’ll twist yourself into all kind of impossible positions and have a great time doing it! While you’re there, check out their roster of classes including Handstands, Pole, Pilates and more.

1535 Dresden Row #203, Halifax, Canada (902) 405-5500

Cyr Wheel at Halifax Circus

Try your hand at acrobatics, juggling, aerials, and so much more at Halifax Circus! Be sure to check out their Cyr Wheel class, which teaches students how to work with this classic circus apparatus. You’ll gain the strength, flexibility and acrobatics required to perform moves within the wheel.

1479 Barrington St, Halifax, Canada (902)830-3123

Theme classes at SPINCO

SPINCO is like a group therapy session on two wheels. During the 50-minute class, you’ll sweat it out on a stationary bike while cool tunes blast over the speakers and the instructor keeps you motivated with inspirational quotes and encouragement. In addition to their regular classes, you’ll find fun theme classes throughout the week like Country, Beyonce, Hip-Hop and more.

5481 Clyde St, Halifax, Canada (902) 422-7746

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Anti-Gravity Fitness at Interlude

Fitness Studio, Spa
If you didn’t think working out could be luxurious, think again! This fitness studio is located in Interlude Spa’s Dartmouth location and hanging out in the stylish change room is almost as cool as the classes themselves. In particular, you’ll want to try the Anti-Gravity fitness class, which has you suspended from silks.
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Moksha with Live Music at Moksha

Head to Moksha Yoga in Downtown Halifax for an inspiring class set to live music. You’ll flow through your sequences while enjoying relaxing tunes by a local musician.

1512 Dresden Row, Halifax, Canada (902) 420-0888

Body by Megan Martin

You actually don’t even have to be in Halifax to enjoy Body by Meghan Martin classes. The Halifax-based fitness instructor recently launched an online platform that brings her signature classes to you where you are. Combining HIIT and Barre, her classes offer a killer workout in just 20 minutes. Become a site member for access or keep an eye open for her pop-ups around the city.

Awaken Vibrational Sound Therapy

More of a mental fitness class than a physical one, Awaken Sound Therapy classes consist of a guided meditation, followed by a sound bath. Located in Hammonds Plains, they are a short drive from downtown but are well worth the trip.

508 Waterstone Run, Hammonds Plains, Canada (902) 579-0258