Ways to Rejuvenate Your Space for the New Year

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Home & Design Editor22 December 2017

After the holiday mania dissipates, it’s time to refocus on serious self-care and clearing out last year’s clutter. Here are some holistic design tips on how to rejuvenate your space for 2018.

Let’s face it, we’re all quite exhausted after surviving the horror show that was 2017, and need to clear the way for “positive vibes only” for 2018. Whether you need a deep cleaning, new mantras and rituals, or decorating tips, we’ve got you covered.

White vinegar, baking soda, and plain old dish soap

Maybe it’s time for a deep (physical) cleanse of your home. Rather than going out and stocking up on cleaning supplies loaded with toxic ingredients, go back to the basics. The old school method of using white vinegar, warm water, and baking soda can take on pretty much any cleaning job: carpet stains, furniture, bathroom tiles, pots and pans, and most kitchen surfaces. Not only is it a cheaper alternative, vinegar has a long history of use in “kitchen magic” rituals and spiritual cleansing.

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Add plants. A lot of them

It’s possible to add too much color, scent, or just general stuff to your home, but you can never have too many plants. Adding greenery has a plethora of benefits, including upping the oxygen in your space, clearing the air of pollutants, and contributing to your overall sense of wellbeing. Take a look at this list of the best plants to purify the home (according to NASA) and head on over to your local garden shop before the first frost.

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Don’t get caught up in design “trends” too much. Work from instinct

You can research every detail about the hygge, lagom, and minimalist trends that were popular over the last few years, but nothing beats going with your gut. Rather than throwing everything out and starting anew (according to what is fashionable at the moment), pick and choose what you love from these aesthetics and go from there. Need a bit of minimalism? Start with the clothes: give anything that you haven’t worn in a year away to charity. Need a comforting hygge vibe? Invest in one cozy, fuzzy blanket that makes you dream of sleep and either throw or give away all the other ones you have stored in the closet. Need lagom? See tip #2. You got this.

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Mind games = design games

If you could represent your soul or spirit with one color, what would it be? Think of all your best qualities and what makes you you, and meditate on that for several minutes. Imagine yourself at your happiest, your most successful, your most calm. What color do you see in your mind? Now surf the interwebs and find that color in a can of paint, and create an accent wall in your living room. Every time you see the color, you’ll be reminded of your “true essence,” and it’ll serve as a lovely homage to your best self ever.

Do a little chanting

It’s all about intention. Let me repeat: intention. Sure, you may feel a little weird walking around your house talking to the walls, but it works. The law of attraction is that whatever you put out there in the world, you get back, so saturate your space with positive energy through the use of intentional language. Try walking around each room chanting the following: “This home is a sacred space. Only positive energy can exist here. Let it be filled with light and love.” If you’d like to burn sage or other herbs while you chant your mantra, by all means, do it! Imagine the space lightening up (literally) as you fill it with your positive words.

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The power of essential oils

So everyone’s on an essential oil kick nowadays, and it’s for good reason. Oil diffusers are great alternatives to candles and fill your home with a lovely scent that can be personalized. First, you have to figure out which scents are for you. Are you more of a floral person? Try rose, lavender, or jasmine. Are you more of an earthy person and need some grounding in your home? Try vetiver, patchouli, or sandalwood. Need more energy and liveliness in your space? Try citrusy scents such as lemon, basil, or orange. Check out our list of (almost) everything you need to know about essential oils here.

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Focus on small changes, not complete overhauls

Rather than buying a new couch for the new year, think in terms of small changes that add up over time. To add a new color or texture, consider swapping out your curtains. Rather than redecorating your entire bedroom, consider reorganizing a breakfast or book nook. Rather than redesigning an entire wall unit, create a small shelf that brings you joy and fill it with objects and your top five favorite books. Rather than buying an entire dinnerware set, go on a thrift store/boutique/art store hunt for the perfect little mug, and go from there. Start the new year slowly, with intention, and focus on what brings you happiness.

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