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© Urban Barrels
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Why This Sail Blanket Is Redefining Adventure Fashion Trends

Picture of Jill Di Donato
Fashion Editor
Updated: 22 November 2016
If you’re an adventure junkie, your fashion has got to be functional. You’re on the move, from surf to sand to mountain range—wherever the day takes you. Who has time to decide what to wear? Enter Urban Barrels’ new Sail Blanket, a go-to accessory that will keep you warm and dry on your journey, and stylish as well. Urban Barrels, the California company, known as the “purveyor of rad” has launched a new product repurposed from sailboat sails. Support the endeavor and score a Sail Blanket from Urban Barrels’ Kickstarter campaign.

Of the new Sail Blanket, Mat MacDonnell, the COO of Urban Barrels said in a press release for the Kickstarter campaign, “We set out to produce a product that complements all adventure, urban and wild. Every aspect of this blanket is inspired by our time spent adventuring in our own community as well as off-the-beaten path in the wild.”

© Urban Barrels

Ethical fashion has many facets, from helping disenfranchised artisans make a decent living, to creating garments that are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and source materials locally. According to Marie Claire UK, many designers are choosing ethical fashion practices as a way to cater to consumers who believe “green is the new black.”

© Urban Barrels

Urban Barrels’ Sail Blanket is at once nostalgic—remembering the journeys embarked upon by sailors around the globe, and eco-friendly. Rather than sitting in landfills, old sails are repurposed into new adventure gear. Waterproof, easy to wash, and a cinch to travel with, the Sail Blanket is ideal for those who love the ocean. The small design details, like the velour towel inside and the secure hidden pocket make this a quality product that can perform and look chic when you’re making waves.

© Urban Barrels

For more on the Sail Blanket, or to learn about what Urban Barrels, the Los Angeles company dedicated to thoughtful outward bound products, visit the Kickstarter to learn more and support this endeavor.