These Smart Yoga Pants Vibrate to Refine Your Flow

Courtesy of Wearable X
Courtesy of Wearable X
Photo of Esme Benjamin
Wellness Editor16 July 2017

Even the most basic yoga poses are surprisingly tricky to perfect. Remembering to engage the right muscles and stack specific joints at certain angles—all while taking slow, even breaths—requires a whole lot of concentration, especially when you’re trying to begin a regular home practice. Enter Nadi X pants—the “activated” yoga pants that prompt you into correct alignment using integrated vibrational technology.

With their flattering high waist and and sheer mesh panels they look like any trendy piece of fitness apparel that Bandier might sell, but the Nadi X pants are actually a fitness wearable. Cleverly hidden in the fabric are sensors that, when paired with the app, predict which pose you’re doing and gently vibrate to help guide you into your best version of it.

Courtesy of Wearable X

While they can’t signal precisely how to embody a pose, they can help you refine it by drawing attention to key areas of the body. In warrior one, for example, they might vibrate at the lower back to remind you to square your hips forwards, the ankle so you ground down through the back foot, and behind the front knee to encourage you to sink a little deeper.

Combined with the Nadi X app the leggings are a really great way to practice poses on your own, outside of class. Select postures from the library, or use the guided option to flow through multiple poses, receiving feedback to tweak alignment as you go.

Courtesy of Wearable X

Wearable X makes the leggings in their sustainable Sri Lankan factory, where employees often begin the work day with early morning meditation. It isn’t the only tech company creating smart products to fine tune our yoga practice. The SmartMat—an intelligent yoga mat that vibrates to help guide the practitioner’s foot positioning and alignment (based on weight distribution)—is currently in development after receiving almost $400,000 via kickstarter.

At $299 the Nadi X leggings aren’t cheap, but they are a whole lot more affordable that private sessions with a yoga instructor.

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