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© HBO via IMBD
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Jon Snow Has IKEA to Thank for His Iconic Look

Picture of Amber C. Snider
Home & Design Editor
Updated: 21 August 2017
What do Jon Snow and IKEA have in common? The answer may surprise you…
© HBO via IMBD

IKEA rugs are all the rage in Winterfell – literally. You know those luxe fur capes all the Northern men are rocking? The look was actually inspired by the Swedish brand’s floor coverings. Turns out Jon Snow has IKEA to thank for their his sexy, masculine wardrobe. Maybe he does know “something” after all?

Michele Clapton, Game of Throne’s costume designer, gave a talk about her designs at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles last year (as reported by Metro) and shared the story of how the affordable home rugs were transformed into outerwear. “These caps are actually IKEA rugs,” she said.

“We take anything we can. We cut, and then we shaved them, and then we added strong leather straps, and breakdown, which is like a religion on Game Of Thrones.”

© HBO via IMBD

Realizing that Game of Thrones fans picked up on fashion connection, IKEA posted an adorable, tongue-in-cheek cartoon on Facebook which demonstrates how to get the coveted seasonal look at home. The caption reads: “Summer is almost over, winter is coming,” and features a man from the Night’s Watch dreaming up the idea to cut a hole in a rug and wear it. Simply brilliant.

Facebook post on new “Vinter” design
Facebook post on new “Vinter” design | © IKEA

The night is long and full of terrors, but at least we have IKEA. Who knew Scandinavian design could be so versatile…and fashionable.