How to Travel When You're a Nature Lover

© Dino Reichmuth
© Dino Reichmuth
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30 May 2017

As someone who appreciates the outdoors, you know you can’t travel like everyone else. Rather than jet-setting to the world’s largest cities, you would rather land somewhere with an abundance of unspoilt terrain. There are plenty of easy ways to ensure your trip is as nature-heavy as it is nature-friendly. The following are four examples of ways to take a more ecological approach to your travels.

Choose the right method of transportation

You’ve probably heard the phrase “carbon footprint.” Just in case you haven’t—it’s a way to measure how damaging your behavior is on the environment. The smaller the print you leave behind, the better the world will be in your wake.

Air travel is one of the worst as far as your carbon footprint goes, but it’s not always as simple as saying “no” to a flight. Sometimes, you simply have to get on a plane to your destination, and, in that case, you can’t do much to change your trip’s itinerary. If you’re traveling alone though, a flight is usually easier on the earth than if you drive alone.

But for more local destinations—and for trips you’re taking with at least one friend—you can make a green decision to get to your all-natural destination. It turns out that travel by bus makes the smallest impact; trains also have a much lesser effect on the planet. If you must drive, try and use a hybrid vehicle or smaller-sized car so that you produce less emissions.

One of the greenest ways to travel | ©

Pack less

If you’re heading into the wilderness, you already know you don’t need much in terms of fashionable wardrobe items. You can probably fit all of the necessities into a backpack and head on your hiking or camping expedition with ease.

Even if you’re heading off on a “normal” vacation, you can do your part by packing less and taking some of the weight strain off of your aircraft, bus or train. The more weight on board, the more fuel will be required to run your chosen form of transportation, so leave at home whatever you don’t really need.

Try and stick to the bare necessities | © Cynthia del Río/Unsplash

Stay somewhere green

As more and more people become concerned with safeguarding the earth, increasing numbers of hotels are providing eco-friendly accommodation. You can look this information up online by finding organizations that rate hotels on how ‘green’ they are. From building materials to laundry policies, some places are very mindful of how much they’re using—and what effect their actions will have on the area around them.

Of course, you can take it even further by choosing to stay in more bespoke accommodation, like an earth-friendly log cabin rental. For one, these abodes are often tucked away in the middle of the wildlife and nature you seek, so there wouldn’t be a need for transportation beyond your two feet once you arrive. The construction of a log cabin doesn’t require as much man-made material or energy as a traditional home, either.

The way to make sure your vacation home is as green as possible is to own it yourself and spruce it up with all of the earth-friendly extras you can. From solar panels and energy-efficient appliances, to the privacy provided by planted trees, you can make your log cabin a green getaway to enjoy for years to come.

A log cabin in the woods | © Camille/Kmile/Unsplash

Experience locally, too

Another way to safeguard the places you love is to support them economically. When you travel to a new natural place, be sure to experience it the way the people who live there do. That means you should use the same shops, eat in local restaurants, and experience the community’s art and culture. It’s easy for chain restaurants and entertainment venues to come in and not only strip a community of its culture, but also turn natural areas into construction sites. Supporting local businesses has so many benefits, including safeguarding the environment from unwanted development.

Shopping locally | © Clem Onojeghuo/Pexels

Now, it’s time to go

With this information in mind, you’re ready to make plans for your greenest, most earth-friendly trip yet. As a nature lover, you can’t ask for more from a vacation either. So, pack your bags lightly, board the bus, check into your log cabin and get to know the locals: you’re ready for a real ec0-friendly holiday in the outdoors.

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