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© Levitating X Collection
© Levitating X Collection
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Gravity Defying Home Décor Surpasses Kickstarter Campaign

Picture of Amber C. Snider
Home & Design Editor
Updated: 18 April 2017
Could this be the new wave in home décor?
Levitating décor © Levitating X Collection
Levitating décor | © Levitating X Collection

The Levitating X Collection, a gravity defying home décor and homewares line by Levitating Design Lab, recently surpassed its Kickstarter goal within a few weeks of its launch.

The Kickstarter campaign, which ends April 18, 2017, has reached its goal of over $42,000 with four available products. “Our mission evolved from serving a singular need (lifting one’s spirits), to creating a universal levitation device that could change the way we experience everyday activities and household products,” explains Joel Paglione, chief levitation officer at the Levitating Design Lab.

© Levitating X Collection
© Levitating X Collection

The collection includes a levitating plant with a modern textured pot, a levitating white pillow for displaying timepieces and jewelry, a levitating plate for showcasing “culinary creations from every angle,” and levitating works of art. “Our goal is to continue to develop new designs and products each year that will work interchangeably with our initial base,” said Paglione. “Eventually, we hope to see our Levitating X Collection for sale on store shelves everywhere.”

© Levitating X Collection
© Levitating X Collection

Backers of the levitating décor line will have the option to purchase other pieces at discount prices, and the company predicts product delivery within 60 days of the campaign’s end. Perhaps the new wave in modern homewares is futuristic, floating objects.