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From Camels To Tummy Tucks: This Is What The World Is Googling

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 8 September 2017
The Brits love their fish and chips, the Americans their donuts and the Aussies their beer – in the world of popular culture anything goes but do the stereotypes live up to the reality? Well, according to Google autocomplete search results, no.

Cost-estimating website recently put together a series of world maps showcasing the most-Googled for things in each country in the world. They used a really clever formula of ‘how much does x cost in x country” and based their results on the time and place of search – oh and their search histories, so if you’ve got something to hide, our advice is to hit the clear history button now!

While it’s not rocket science, the results are pretty revealing as they show how several countries are perceived by other nations and its peoples.

Take a look at the maps and judge them for yourself (the results are a real shocker)…

Here’s North America:

South America…




The land of Oz…



And even Antarctica!