Dive Into The Art Of Underwater Photography

Photo of Emilie Van Camp
28 December 2016

Underwater photography not only requires very specific equipment, but it is also often essential for the artist to be an expert diver. Contrary to what one may think, creativity has no boundaries underneath the surface. Indeed, no two pictures are alike and the movement of the water makes every single shot unique.

© Meaghan Ogilvie

Zena Holloway

Zena Holloway is a self-taught artist and director specializing in underwater photography. Working for companies like GQ, Sony, and Greenpeace her work conveys an essence of reverie: ‘what the camera might capture in reality is taken back a step and becomes more like a painting’. Holloway managed to establish herself internationally as a fine art photographer with her ability to create truly magical pictures.

Twill Series | Courtesy Zena Holloway

‘Underwater I have the solitude and the freedom to capture a different world; it’s a blank canvas to orchestrate a world of fantasy. Time is suspended and in those short silent moments, there is a magical space where it’s possible to stop thinking and start feeling.’

Twill Series | Courtesy Zena Holloway

You can also find Zena Holloway’s work on Facebook.

Elena Kalis

Elena Kalis is based in the idyllic Bahamas, and developed her own style in the last few years, mainly photographing her daughter Sacha–known as the‘ Bahamas Girl’. ‘Working with my daughter it is easier to access the expression of emotional connection.’

My Fair Ladies | Courtesy Elena Kalis

‘Water helps to calm and connect us, increase innovation and insight, heal what is broken…The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.’

My Fair Ladies | Courtesy Elena Kalis

There’s a lot to think about while you’re under the sea –wildlife, weather, breathing. It’s a totally different quality of movement. If you can relax, there’s nothing more graceful. The pictures seem effortless but it’s harder than it looks, especially in a ball gown!’

See more of Elena Kalis’s work on Facebook and Instagram.

Lara Zankoul

Conceptual Lebanese photographer, Lara Zankoul, creates surreal and dreamlike compositions reflecting her fantastical imagination. Her series ‘The Unseen’ showcases two visions of one particular experience, revealing not only the surface of things but also the usually ‘unseen’ that may lie underneath.

The Unseen | Courtesy Lara Zankoul

To capture her images, her models are literally dived inside half-filled life-size tanks; the result is astonishing.

The Unseen | Courtesy Lara Zankoul

Discover more of Lara Zankoul’s work on Facebook and Instagram

Phoebe Rudomino

Based at the Underwater Stage at Pinewood Studios, UK-born Phoebe Rudomino, has definitely mastered the art of underwater photography. Specializing in behind-the-scenes underwater stills, she worked as a commercial diver and photographer on movies sets such as Atonement, MrNobody, Casino Royal, and Elizabeth The Golden Age. One of her most famous picture is her twirling ethereal ballerina for a Johnson and Johnson’s campaign.

The Girl in the Room – Johnson and Johnson’s Imagine | Courtesy Phoebe Rudomino

Meaghan Ogilvie

Recognized internationally for her ethereal underwater images, Toronto-based artist Meaghan Ogilvie focuses on exploring the movement of the human body and our relationship to nature. Her first solo exhibition ‘Requiem of Water’–July 13 to August 14 2015 for PANAMANIA – is a conceptual and narrative series capturing our dependence on water. With water scarcity increasing due to climate change, pollution and human population growth, it is evident our relationship to water must change. The purpose of this exhibition is to inspire that change: ‘the concepts I work from are mostly of deep importance to me emotionally.’

Released | Courtesy Meaghan Ogilvie

‘Shooting in water had also given me so many opportunities I never dreamt were possible.’

‘Am I entering a secret world? Yes, in a sense. You’re left without communication, so it’s a very private creative process when you’re under there. Very personal.’

Fusion | Courtesy Meaghan Ogilvie

You can see more of Meaghan Ogilvie’s work on Facebook and Instagram.

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