6 Abandoned Structures Reimagined for the 21st Century

Crofters Cottage, Scotland, U.K. Before
Crofters Cottage, Scotland, U.K. Before | © NeoMam Studios
Photo of Amber C. Snider
Home & Design Editor13 July 2018

Graphic designers at NeoMam imagined what six abandoned buildings would look like if they were renovated for the modern era.

Perhaps it’s the way they spark our imagination with their endless potential, or maybe it’s the untold stories lurking in the rubble, but there’s definitely something oddly satisfying about abandoned structures. Our fascination with crumbling infrastructure is also linked to our love of ­”before and after” home renovation projects. Here, NeoMam Studios digitally restores six real-life derelict structures into modern homes, all while preserving their historic façades.

From ancient castles and Italianate mansions to Native American desert ruins, here are six properties recreated for the 21st century.

Wukoki Pueblo (Arizona, USA)

Wukoki Pueblo, Arizona. Before | © NeoMam Studios

Wukoki Pueblo, a national monument located near Flagstaff in Arizona, dates back to 500 AD. Built by the Ancient Pueblo people, these Native American ruins originally contained over 100 rooms. The multi-story structure, made from local sandstone, was ultimately abandoned by 1225. Here, the ancient ruins are reimagined as a high-glass sandstone home with succulent landscaping.

Wukoki Pueblo, Arizona. After | © NeoMam Studios

The Ruins (Talisay, Philippines)

Talisay, Phillipines. Before | © NeoMam Studios

A magnificent mansion located on a sugar plantation in Talisay, The Ruins date back to the early 20th century. Originally the home of Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson and Maria Braga Lacson, the Italianate building was burned down in the mid-20th century and subsequently abandoned. Here, the structure is digitally renovated by NeoMam Studios for Budget Direct, and features a greenhouse rooftop and a restored interior – all while maintaining the historical integrity of the original façade.

Talisay, Phillipines. After | © NeoMam Studios

Crofters Cottage (Orkney, Scotland)

Crofters Cottage, Scotland, U.K. Before | © NeoMam Studios

The crumbling, aged ruins across the isles of Scotland are particularly enchanting for the imagination. Local legend says the island of Eynhallow was once inhabited by mer-people and finfolk, but after a devastating plague hit in 1851, the entire island was left in abandonment. Here, Crofter’s Cottage is reinterpreted with a metal roof, a large second-story window, and a restored dry-stone facade.

Crofters Cottage, Scotland, U.K. After | © NeoMam Studios

Thackaringa Street House (Silverton, NSW, Australia)

Thackaringa House, Australia. Before | © NeoMam Studios

This single-story home in Silverton, Australia was digitally renovated with an ultra-modern look. With two rooms remaining in the original structure, designers added a high-glass sunroom and porch and turned the derelict car into an oversize succulent planter.

Thackaringa House, Australia. After | © NeoMam Studios

Chachabamba House (Chachabamba, Peru)

Chachabamba House, Peru. Before | © NeoMam Studios

This ancient edifice in Peru was once a sacred religious site for the Incas and a former gatehouse to Machu Picchu. Located on the Short Inca Trail, the Chachabamba House is envisioned here with an open design made with skylight cutouts in the concrete roofs and a restored stone interior.

Chachabamba House, Peru. After | © NeoMam Studios

Castello di Arco (Trentino, Italy)

Castello Di Arco, Italy. Before | © NeoMam Studios

The Castello di Arco castle in Italy dates all the way back to the Middle Ages, where it was once to home to the counts of Arco. Located on a picturesque hilltop overlooking the Sarca Valley, the castle, which was abandoned in the early 18th century, is reimagined here with a series of floor-to-ceiling glass rooms that jut out into the mountain landscape for optimal views.

Castello Di Arco, Italy. After. | © NeoMam Studios

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