Why Business Bay in Dubai is One of the World's Most Exciting Neighbourhoods

Dubai | © Michael Theis/Flickr
Dubai | © Michael Theis/Flickr
Photo of Thais Kelly
14 September 2017

Dubai has no shortage of fun and exciting neighborhoods for both residents and visitors to enjoy. However, there’s definitely one that sets itself apart – Business Bay. The neighborhood has grown drastically in the past few years and has gone from being an area full of offices and some residential apartments to becoming one of the most exciting neighborhoods in town.

Dubai | © Serge Bystro/Flickr

Dubai Water Canal

Ever since the Dubai Water Canal was built in Business Bay, the neighborhood has gained a new identity. The canal is one of Dubai’s greatest urban transformations, connecting the natural Dubai Creek back to the sea in Jumeirah, crossing right in the middle of Business Bay. This has given the area an incredible waterfront, allowing people to cross right through it by boat. Additionally, the canal creates a great environment to encourage people to walk outdoors and even go jogging. This has made Business Bay a one of a kind neighborhood in Dubai.

Incredible views

There is not a single house built in Business Bay, only large skyscrapers that give the area an awe-inspiring skyline. This also ensures an array of views – whichever building in Business Bay you enter, you’ll be surprised by the amazing scenery of either the Dubai Water Canal or the skyline with a series of magnificent skyscrapers, each one different from the other. For those looking to move to Dubai and get a place in the city, this is definitely a great option.

Dubai | © Joi Ito/Flickr

Great location

Dubai has no shortage of traffic, so a location that gives you easy access to two of the city’s main highways – Al Khail Road and Sheikh Zayed Road – is always going to be a fantastic one. Additionally, Business Bay is located almost in the middle of Dubai, never being more than a 20 minute drive from all major points and attractions in town. Other than geographically being a wonderful place to stay, Business Bay gives people easy access to everything that they may need on their day to day lives. From trendy cafes and high-end gyms, to only being a mere 5 minutes away from Dubai Mall. Staying in Business Bay means being walking distance from everything.

The best is yet to come

The likelihood is that many more exciting things are going to come to Business Bay in the next few years. The area is still very much under construction and new attractions are popping up constantly. The latest addition to Business Bay has been the Dubai Water Canal, but the area still has several things to come. Currently under construction is an unique building by the late world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, this will be only one of many new exciting additions to the neighborhood.

Dubai | © peterpoogle/Pixabay