What to Expect On a Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari | © PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay
Dubai Desert Safari | © PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay
Photo of Thais Kelly
17 December 2017

One of the most popular day trips among visitors to Dubai is the desert safari. People from all over the world come in order to see its dunes and get a glimpse of what Bedouin life was like before the city became a tourism hub. Desert safaris are nothing less than exciting, intriguing and an altogether fantastic way to indulge in the local culture – as well as getting the rare opportunity to see the desert first-hand.

Even the characters of Sex and the City 2 made sure to ride camels and visit a desert camp. Although not as glamorous, there is a reason that this is one of the main things visitors who come to Dubai wish to do. An escapade to the desert is a way to relax and for most, to see an ecosystem which doesn’t exist in their home country. Not many know what to expect when they book their safari, but they can be sure to get prepared for a lot of fun and new experiences.

Dubai Desert | © ObeyGravity/Pixabay

Booking a desert safari is easy, pretty much every hotel in Dubai has a partnership with a safari company, and a simple Google search should give visitors an endless list of options. The great thing is that Dubai regulations are strict on quality and it’s unlikely that any option will be bad. For desert safaris, tourism companies pick visitors up from their hotel – or they can choose the cheaper option of a shared car or a private car for their trip. After a while driving, all cars coming from all sides of town with safari-goers arrive at the desert. There, a small break takes place and drivers deflate their tyres – thus the dune bashing begins.

Exhilarating and adventurous, that’s what it feels like to fly over dunes in a 4×4. People should not worry, all drivers are highly trained for the task. This goes on for a while, all cars driving in line towards the desert camp, where the true Bedouin experience begins. At the campsite, people are invited to sit on couches on the floor and take part in all things Emirati. This can be anything from short camel rides, smoking hookah, doing henna paintings and even trying on the UAE’s national dress.

Dubai Desert Safari | © Yanns/Pixabay

The best part is the feast! A traditional Middle Eastern barbecue, where people can self-serve and truly feast. While eating, there are a series of entertainers, putting on a show for the visitors. This includes traditional dances, such as the world-famous belly dancing. For those who fancy a drink, they need not worry. Many desert safari companies allow people to purchase alcohol – this is however an additional price, whereas most other activities and dinner are included in the price of the safari.

Most desert safaris start in the mid-afternoon and finish in the early evening, so when all shows are done, people are invited to head back to their cars. There’s no dune bashing on the ride back, which is convenient after the massive meal everyone has eaten. Those who wish to make the memory eternal, can purchase photos from the professional photographers on sight. It will be worth it, as this is an experience everyone will want to remember for years to come.

Camel | © julian_salomon/Pixabay

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