The Top 8 Places for Shawarma in Dubai

The joys of shawarma are endless! | © cyclonebill / Flickr
The joys of shawarma are endless! | © cyclonebill / Flickr
Anyone who has been to Dubai knows that one of the main attractions for food is the out-of-this-world shawarma! With its succulent shredded meat, garlic-cream or spicy sauces, all wrapped in a soft pita bread with french fries in the middle for an extra crunch, eating shawarma in Dubai will never get old. Here are the best places to grab the most delicious shawarma in the city.

Zaroob Restaurant

For a classic yet utterly delicious take on shawarma, there is nowhere better than Zaroob Restaurant. With numerous branches and with a variety of scrumptious shawarmas to try, this is usually one of the most popular places to go to for late-night Dubai eating.

We’ve all craved a shawarma at one point and Dubai is a haven for those who have serious shawarma needs © cyclonebill/Flickr

Belad Al Sham

This restaurant, with numerous locations around Dubai for easy access to those with serious shawarma cravings, is most famous for its chicken shawarma. Customers rave about both the tahini sauce and the creamy garlic sauce that this restaurant generously pours over the chicken to make this wrap worth coming back for over and over again.

Operation: Falafel

One of the best Lebanese joints in the city, despite the falafel-leaning name of the restaurant, everyone in Dubai comes here for the delicious shawarma wraps. While the exact origins of the shawarma are passionately debated, once you try this Lebanese-style shawarma, they might just convince you where to lay your loyalties.

Al Safadi Restaurant

Although a bit more expensive than some other places to grab shawarma, this is the place to go if you want a relaxing sit-down experience. Giving a whole new meaning to the word shawarma, here is where you can even order your shawarma in a biryani style or with rice!

Shawarma itself should be considered an art form – look at how beautiful it can be! © Basheer Tome/Flickr

Al Hallab

If you find yourself stuck in Dubai Mall with a grumbling stomach, there is no better place than Al Hallab. With the perfect combination of beautiful seating areas and delicious authentic flavours, it really doesn’t get any better than this.

On The Wood

Easily one of the most popular takeaway places in Dubai, this is the perfect place to either order takeaway when you have a craving or to stop by while out driving. Their shawarma, made with extra soft bread and stuffed with crispy french fries, is literally the talk of the town.

Al Mallah Cafeteria

Although many tourists might shy away from places like this because of their busy, slightly-dingy look, the locals of Dubai know this is the place to go for some of the most authentic shawarma. Here is where it’s cheap and once you get to know the workers, they’ll give you extra helpings of everything so you can really enjoy your late-night shawarma snack.

We’re craving shawarma already © Vera Yu and David Li/Flickr


This Jordanian shawarma joint is truly one of the best in Dubai. The meat is marinated in delicious sauces and spices for at least 24 hours, giving their shawarma one of the best flavours in the city!