The Most Outrageous Fitness Trends in Dubai

Fitness | © Scott Webb/Pexels
Fitness | © Scott Webb/Pexels
Photo of Thais Kelly
20 June 2017

In recent years, fitness has taken the UAE by storm. With new fitness studios popping up in every corner, several obstacle races going on around town, new styles of classes appearing every day and even apps to help people keep up with their routines. The city has become all about being healthy and fit, but in a fun and exciting way. For those looking to stay fit while in Dubai, but who don’t want to do the traditional CrossFit, yoga or Les Mils classes; there’s no shortage of outrageous activities to try out around town.

Prama by Pavigym

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Pavi Gym
Pavi Gym | © Courtesy of Fairmont the Palm
This workout is straight out of a video game. Prama is a concept created by Pavigym, and this killer high intensity functional training workout involves lighting on the floor and walls, providing gym goers with a fun and different exercise. Here, LED lights come on and people have to run around pressing large buttons in order to turn them off. This interactive software has six modes and 500+ exercises – this is the best way to break a sweat while feeling like playing a game. The workout can’t be found in many fitness studios around Dubai, but those wanting to try it out can head to Fairmont the Palm and book a class.

Kangoo Jumps

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This is the jumping workout to put all other jumping around to shame. The cardio exercise is not only great for burning calories, but it’s also a lot of fun. Kangoo Jumps allows gym goers to hop around in special rebound shoes which make people bounce around without the need of a trampoline. The Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes can be used for all kinds of workouts, from jumping rope to bootcamps, but at Fit4Life Studio, they are used in dance classes. This allows people to fly around the room as they do a dance routine.

Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Electric Muscle Stimulation, better known as EMS, is a great way to burn fat in the fastest time possible. EMS can seem a bit scary, as it uses electric shocks to activate muscles to an intensity much higher than they can do by themselves. This helps build muscle and burn fat in a workout as short as 20 minutes. This give My30Minutes its name, as the whole workout including putting on the EMS suit and the cool down only takes 30 minutes. This is a quick way to get the most out of a workout in the shortest amount of time possible.

My30Minutes, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1, Dubai, UAE, +91 4 385 5353

EMS | © Courtesy of My30Minutes


Parkour is known worldwide thanks to YouTube videos of people running around the streets doing all kinds of crazy jumps – and now Dubai is taking it on. Several gyms in the city are offering Parkour classes that teach people the techniques of the sport in a safe environment so that they don’t get injured. This is a great full body workout that is thrilling as well as effective for building muscles while developing the art of Parkour. Many fitness studios around town now offer the class, including Fit Inc. which is conveniently located right by Sheikh Zayed Road.


Bouldering | © Courtesy of Rock Republic
This workout is a favorite among Dubai residents and even social media influencers. Bouldering has become an ever growing sport in the city as it allows people to have fun while developing strength and strategy. Much like your traditional rock climbing, bouldering involves climbing a wall of colorful rock-like attachments. However, with bouldering, climbers are not attached to any strings or equipment and have to use solely their strength in order to keep their bodies against the walls. The workout takes strategy, in order to allow people to keep on climbing without making the wrong move and falling onto a mat. Anyone visiting Dubai can try out this workout at Rock Republic.


This workout is ideal to help people release their inner child and have fun while still shedding some serious sweat. Trampolining has been an increasing trend in town with venues like Bounce opening up, which allows children and adults to visit a space entirely composed of trampolines and jump around freely for fun. However, the free play wasn’t enough and the space has introduced fitness classes. The high intensity cardio workout allows people to burn some serious calories while having child-like fun on the trampolines.

Bounce, 4B Street, Al Quoz 1, Dubai, UAE, +971 4 321 1400

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