The Most Beautiful Parks and Green Spaces in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the new best place to go in the UAE | © Michael Panse/Flickr
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Updated: 5 January 2018
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Although many people who visit Abu Dhabi stick to its famous attractions, the city does indeed boast some of the most beautiful parks and green spaces in the UAE. With family-friendly spaces, perfect places for friends to gather, and romantic strolls next to the corniche, here are the best places to get some fresh air in Abu Dhabi.

Khalifa Park

One of the biggest parks and green spaces in the city, Khalifa Park will not disappoint those who want to be surrounded by gardens! With more than 500,000 square meters of green space, this is the perfect place to wind down and relax, or go for some rejuvenating exercise.

Corniche Parks

These series of parks that run alongside the corniche is a beautiful way to get both park and beach time. With running tracks, green gardens, and a view of the sparkling corniche, you’ll love getting spoiled by Abu Dhabi’s good looks.

Um Al Emaraat Park

Boasting numerous gardens within, including the Wisdom Garden, Botanic Garden, Evening Garden, and Children’s Garden; this is the place to go for a variety of different ways to enjoy nature in the city. This park has also become a favorite place for weekend barbeques and picnics for locals in Abu Dhabi.

Heritage Park

A quaint and peaceful park with colorful gardens, walking paths, and fresh fountains, this is the perfect park for a solitary walk or a romantic stroll in the evenings. Located right next to Mina Zayed Port, you’ll also get a fresh ocean breeze while you enjoy this beautiful green space in the city.

Yas Gateway Park

Not yet discovered by mass hoards of tourists, this is one of the best places to go to experience where the locals go for a time out in nature. With large open spaces for kite flying or family gatherings, this park is the perfect place to experience fresh air and breezy strolls in the grass.

Sports City Park

True to its name, this park is popular for those who really want exercise while out. With tennis courts, running tracks, and soccer fields, this park won’t disappoint those who need a good stretch away from the city life!

Capital Gardens

Boasting a large lake in the middle of the park that hosts fountain shows during the weekends, this park is spotted with colorful gardens and children’s play areas. What better way to enjoy the weekend than a family gathering among lush gardens and a beautiful lake?

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