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Yoga on the beach | © Pexels/Pixabay
Yoga on the beach | © Pexels/Pixabay
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The Best Yoga Studios in Dubai

Picture of Thais Kelly
Updated: 10 October 2017
Every true yogi knows that traveling is not an excuse to stop practicing. The great thing for those going to Dubai is that there’s a vast selection of yoga studios for them to choose from, offering all kinds of yoga styles. This handy list will help all yoga lovers open their chakras while they are in Dubai.
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136.1 Yoga Studio

This is perhaps one of the most popular yoga studios in Dubai, offering approximately 20 different yoga classes every day. 136.1 Yoga Studio has an uplifting and calming atmosphere, as well as an amazing scent of incense. The massive yoga rooms have floor to ceiling windows overlooking the Dubai Marina – making this the perfect yoga studio in which to take a class in at sunset, when the rooms become filled with light and the water of the marina shines beautifully.

136.1 Yoga Studio, Dubai Marina, +971 4 441 6287

136.1 Yoga Studio | © Courtesy of GuavaPass

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Inspire Yoga + Pilates + Fitness

The name says it all, Inspire Yoga + Pilates + Fitness is the perfect place for those looking for a complete workout experience. Although the studio is best known for their high quality yoga classes, Inspire also offers fantastic pilates classes, as well as yoga inspired fitness classes which are sure to make anyone break a sweat. The rooms at Inspire also make for a perfect photo op, as they have eye catching, full wall paintings of the sunrise and sunset.

Inspire Yoga + Pilates + Fitness, Al Manara, +971 4 321 9771

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Zen Yoga

This yoga studio truly is special, it is the oldest yoga studio in Dubai. Zen Yoga has been around for nearly a decade, offering a vast selection of both yoga and pilates classes, with some of the best instructors in the city. This yoga studio truly is zen, with a light and relaxing atmosphere for people to come and try all types of yoga. Additionally, Zen Yoga has two different locations, making it convenient for people staying in different spots in town.

Zen Yoga, BBC Building, Media City, +971 4 367 0435

Zen Yoga | © Courtesy of GuavaPass

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Life’n One

This is every yogi’s ultimate destination. Life’n One is one of the most unique yoga studios in the Dubai. Located in a villa in the heart of Jumeirah, the studio has a beautiful garden and cafe, serving delicious vegetarian treats. The yoga classes here are extremely special, with fantastic instructors and many of them are actually conducted on the roof – thus creating an ideal environment in which to practice with a light breeze and sunshine.

Life’n One, Jumeirah Beach Road, +971 56 534 2899

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Yoga House

Yoga House is probably the coziest and most welcoming yoga studio in Dubai. The studio is located in the living community of The Greens, making itself the perfect portrait of the “studio next door”. However small, this studio has captivated the hearts of all of Dubai’s yogis with its high quality classes and soothing atmosphere. This is the perfect studio for beginners, as it is not at all intimidating and all instructors are happy to help.

Yoga House, The Greens, +971 50 578 9585

Yoga House | © Courtesy of GuavaPass

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Eco Yoga Sanctuary

As per its name, this women only yoga studio definitely feels like a sanctuary. Eco Yoga Sanctuary is the type of yoga studio that no one can enter with negative vibes (or shoes). With a classy and simple decor, as well as wonderful bathrooms for a post class shower, this studio can make anyone feel at home.

Eco Yoga Sanctuary, Jumeirah Beach Road, +971 4 385 6633

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There are plenty of studios offering yoga classes all around Dubai, but there’s a shortage of studios offering great Bikram Yoga classes. Voyoga is definitely the studio to go for all lovers of this type of yoga, which has become a massive trend worldwide. Other than Bikram Yoga and a few other yoga styles, the studio also offers Swing Yoga. By offering these two extremely unique types of classes, Voyoga definitely sets itself apart from the rest, creating a niche for itself within the yoga community.

Voyoga, Barsha Heights, +971 4 553 8630

Voyoga | © Courtesy of GuavaPass

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Pilates plus yoga makes for Piloga. The studio offers equally fantastic classes for both activities, including not only mat pilates and barre pilates classes, but also reformers – which are one of the best way of strengthening and toning the body. In terms of yoga, Piloga is all about being unique and offering never before seen classes, such as Hip Hop Yoga, Party Yoga, Pop Yoga, Empower Yoga and more. The schedule changes every month with a new exciting class, so it’s good to stay tuned.

Piloga, Business Bay, +971 4 456 4499

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Body Language

Body Language is a fitness studio hidden away from the city and its busy crowds. Located in Al Barari, the studio offers a series of fitness classes in one of the most beautiful spots in the city, surrounded by gardens and plants – which is a rare sight in the desert. Their yoga classes are located in a den with floor to ceiling windows, with a view of the unique Al Barari Gardens, taking practitioners away from Dubai for an hour long class, without ever actually having to leave.

Body Language, Al Barari, +971 4 326 7277

Body Language | © Courtesy of GuavaPass

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Zoga Yoga Cafe

For those wishing to grab a delicious healthy smoothy immediately after a fantastic yoga class, Zoga Yoga Cafe is certainly the place to go. This studio gives a trendy and fresh twist to yoga, making itself one of the most popular studios in the city. Located in the middle of Downtown Dubai, one of the most lively areas in the Emirate, this is the perfect retreat from city life without having to go very far at all. Zoga’s decor is stylish, but without losing the simplistic theme of yoga.

Zoga Yoga Cafe, Downtown Dubai, +971 4 276 7657