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The view of Dubai Marina | © Tom Sespene / Flickr
The view of Dubai Marina | © Tom Sespene / Flickr
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The Best Running Routes in Dubai

Picture of Jessica Harn
Updated: 21 November 2017
Although the temperatures in Dubai can get searing hot, the city still has a lot of green spaces and breezy running areas to satisfy even the most avid runner. With the city constantly changing and evolving to better accommodate those who exercise and to make it the “most active city in the world,” here are the best running routes that Dubai has perfected.
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Zabeel Park

Open 24/7, this park has one of Dubai’s cleanest and newest running tracks, and as a bonus, there is no charge to enter this vast green space! Although it can get a bit crowded in the early mornings and evenings with runners, it’s still worth the crowds to get in on one of Dubai’s best running tracks.

Zabeel Park, Dubai, UAE

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Al Barsha Park

Well loved for its extra soft and spongy running track, this park attracts a variety of people. With free entrance to the entire park, which is open until 10 pm daily, Al Barsha Park is a great place to get in a relaxing run in the city.

Al Barsha Park, Dubai, UAE

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Dubai Marina

At eight kilometers (five miles) long and a bit more challenging, this running route makes up for the workout with one of the best views of Dubai overlooking the Marina. With an overview of the bay, lively restaurants and bars, and the beautiful skyline of the city, this route will easily become one of your favorite runs.

Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE

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Al Safa Park

Highly popular with running groups and training sessions, this park has a wide-open running track, with many people running on the open grass as well. Just remember that most weekends at Al Safa Park will be filled with running groups taking advantage of the green space, so be sure to plan accordingly!

Al Safa Park, Dubai, UAE

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Jumeirah Beach

With a total of 14 kilometers (8.6 miles) and a four-meter-wide (13 feet) running track, this is one of the most breezy places to go for a run in Dubai. There are also resting areas alongside the route, where many people stretch, do a little yoga, or even take a quick dip in the ocean—this track runs parallel to the beach.

Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, UAE

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Creekside Park

Although Creekside Park has the oldest running track in Dubai, it makes up for its age with a ladies-only day on Wednesday, which is always highly popular among the city’s residents. This quiet and clean park is perfect for families as well, and on the weekends, it’s a common sight to see families running or walking throughout the park.

Creekside Park, Dubai, UAE

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Another open-air and cooler area for a run in Dubai, JBR has two kilometers (1.2 miles) of soft track for runners of all levels. This particular path is also excellent because of the many training machines along the way for those who want a full workout.

JBR, Dubai, UAE

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Burj Park

With a spectacular view of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains, this park remains a Dubai favorite for runners. At a length of five kilometers (3.1 miles) that winds throughout downtown Dubai, what better way is there to enjoy the city and get some exercise?

Burj Park, Dubai, UAE