The Best Restaurants In Al Ain

Emirati Cuisine | © MohammadShehri/Flickr
Emirati Cuisine | © MohammadShehri/Flickr
Al Ain, the fourth largest city in the United Arab Emirates, is known as the “Garden City” due to its lush and vast greenery. From local delicacies to foreign buffets, there is so much that can be found throughout the town in the way of eateries and restaurants too, all of which we showcase here, in a selection of 10 of the top spots in the city.
Emirati Cuisine © MohammadShehri/Flickr

Al Fanar Restaurant and Café

Cafe, Hotel Restaurant, Restaurant, Middle Eastern
Not many tourists are familiar with Emirati cuisine, but it is definitely worth trying. Al Fanar helps guests form an image of old Dubai, when the city was surrounded by the oasis Al Badia. Scenes are depicted throughout the restaurant to give a feeling of nostalgia, while the menu comes from local food and culture, and boasts the likes of tekat deyay Emarati and beryani samak.

Price: Mid-range
Opening hours: Sun to Sat 8am-11pm
Watch out for: The nostalgia for Old Dubai.
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Circle Café

Cafe, Restaurant, Healthy, $$$
In Al Ain, there is a lot more to dine on than food common to the region. The UAE is known for adopting parts of different cultures and that’s exactly what the Circle Café does. In 2003, two moms brought the idea of New York bagels to the city, making this one the place to go for fresh and delicious American bagels in the midst of the Arabic deserts!

Price: Mid-range
Opening hours: Sun to Sat 7am-11pm
Watch out for: The bagels – of cource!
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Shakespeare and Co.

Cafe, Patisserie, Restaurant, Middle Eastern
Shakespeare and Co. opened up in 2001 and has expanded to have over 26 branches since then. This restaurant has a very elegant and royal atmosphere, resembling Old England. Evening tea isn’t the only item that can be ordered here though. From every meal on the a la carte to the restaurant’s catering, their unique taste can be enjoyed right throughout the day and even at home!

Price: Fine-dining
Opening hours: Sun to Sat 7-12am
Watch out for: The filling breakfast.
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La Brioche

Restaurant, French, $$$
Brioche aux Orangettes
Brioche aux Orangettes | © Frédérique Voisin-Demery/Flickr
Serving authentic French food, La Brioche is a restaurant set in a home-style place. The rustic brick interior is identifiable with French country decor and the food follows along the same footsteps. This street café allows diners to forget they are even in the UAE because the food comes straight from the provinces of the Fracophone Med!

Price: Mid-range
Opening hours: Sat to Sun 7.30am-11.30pm
Watch out for: Variety of cakes.
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Panaderia Bakery

Bakery, Restaurant, Filipino
Although Panaderia is a bakery, it has expanded its menu to cover more than just breads and pastries. Edgardo G. Limbo’s vast experience in the field of baking helped him open up this successful name, which has now come to grace the streets of Al Ain. A Filipino-inspired bakery, the menu here means delicacies such as lumpiang gulay and tosilog.
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