No More Burns: World's First Self-cooling Sunbed to Be Unveiled in Dubai

Dubai | © angusfrasermktg/Pixabay
Dubai | © angusfrasermktg/Pixabay
Dubai is well known for its high temperatures and boiling summer heat, with temperatures often reaching over 40 degrees Celsius. This is a problem for those who enjoy tanning, as they often find themselves with rashes and burns after lounging in the sun for too long – as well as risking heat stroke. However, this will no longer be a problem, as the world’s first self-cooling sun bed will soon launch in Dubai.

This is fantastic news for those who love relaxing in the sun. Koulsdown has created a technology which allows their sun beds to cool themselves down, leaving sun bathers refreshed as they enjoy Dubai’s sun rays. The beds have a layer of cooling gel, which is located on the upper layers of the bed’s mattress, giving people an immediate cooling feeling as they lay down. The gel absorbs body heat and releases it back out in the air, cooling people by up to two degrees. These beds are also extremely practical, all someone has to do to activate the cooling gel is lay down, no additional effort needed. As well as the cooling technology, the beds are covered in microfiber dry fabric, which absorbs water, allowing pool and beach goers to dry fast once resting on the beds.

Koulsdown Self-Cooling Sun bed © Koulsdown Promotional Video

The collection is set to be unveiled during the Dubai Leisure Show 2017, which will take place on September 18-20, leaving people only a few weeks until they are able to enjoy these innovative sun beds. Other than being extremely practical, movable and much needed, the chairs are also extremely stylish. The technology does not compromise the design and customers can choose from a vast range of colors, as well as finishing details. The collection also includes other items, such as tables, love seats and more. This is a game changer and will sure make the Dubai summer much more pleasant.