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Street Food | © Pexels
Street Food | © Pexels
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Dubai's Street Food Truck Park

Picture of Erina Baftiroska
Updated: 24 November 2016
One thing anyone can tell you about the people of Dubai is that they love food. From the fanciest restaurant in the Burj Khalifa to the neighborhood cafeteria, we enjoy it all. Mobile food trucks have been the latest trend in the crazy food scene; what started off with a few trucks randomly distributed around the city grew to the seasonal ‘Food Truck Festivals.’ The UAE has now introduced its biggest permanent food truck stop.

Located on one of the busiest roads connecting the Emirate of Dubai to the UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi, Last Exit (literally being the last exit between the two Emirates) is a food truck park on the E11 highway. Commuters who use the road on a daily basis no longer have a gas station and the regular burger joint to choose from but a great place to stop and relax at 24/7, in style!

The 1950’s-themed food truck park covers 1,500 meters of land and is considered a must-visit for any foodie, resident, or tourist. The park is home to 12 vintage-themed restaurants serving Latin American, Italian, Middle Eastern, and other international street food. Well-known names from the Emirates and abroad such as Clinton St. Baking Company, The Hot Dog Stand, Poco Loco, Operation Falafel, and of course, Starbucks make up the scene and leave us spoiled for choice.

The concept offers guests dining in the restaurants, outdoor eating areas, or drive-thru services to enjoy their meal. The park definitely brings color into the area as well as the vintage style and feel of drive-thru hangouts; think outdoor seating, kids play areas, recharge stations, and mini convenience stores.

It’s a great place that’s making road trips, commutes home, and late-night rides from concerts 12 times more fun and with a lot more style! Expect prices to vary according to each outlet.