How to Spend 48 Hours in Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque | © jpeter2/Pixabay
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque | © jpeter2/Pixabay
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Updated: 30 September 2017
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There is no shortage of reasons as to why more and more people are starting to head to Abu Dhabi when visiting the UAE. Much like its neighbor, Dubai, the city is filled with attractions and impressive things to see and do during a visitor’s stay. Although 48 hours may seem like a short time to enjoy all of the things this Emirate has to offer, it certainly is enough to still have an incredible time. For two days packed with fun and excitement, this is the perfect Abu Dhabi guide.

Day 1


There is no question that the most beautiful mosque in the whole UAE is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This religious temple is a true feast for the eyes, with walls built from pure white marble and decorated with colorful stone brought from all over the world to form floral shapes. The mosque is not only an impressive architectural masterpiece, it also helps tell the story of the UAE. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque takes the name of its creator and visionary, the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the first ruler of the UAE. This is the perfect place to spend the morning, grasping a greater understanding of Islam and the capital of the country.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
© nike159/Pixabay


For a thrilling afternoon, the best place to head is Ferrari World. This is guaranteed fun for the whole family, as the Ferrari-themed park has rides and activities for all ages. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, the park is home to the fastest rollercoaster in the world. Formula Rossa takes riders to 240km/h in approximately five seconds, making sure that the first afternoon in Abu Dhabi is unforgettable.

Ferrari World
© fli138/Pixabay


After an afternoon in Ferrari World, it’s only natural that visitors won’t want to slow down – so the best place to head to in the evening is the Yas Viceroy Hotel. This beautiful hotel is located right next to the Yas Marina Circuit, where the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix takes place every year as part of the international Formula 1 circuit. Yas Viceroy has a series of restaurants for dinner and drinks over looking the circuit. If visitors get lucky, they might even catch a glimpse of people racing!

Yas Viceroy
© Thais Kelly

Day 2


Nothing is better to start the day in Abu Dhabi than a visit to the Corniche Beach. A trip to the capital would be incomplete without checking out this amazing spot. The Corniche is filled with restaurants and cafes, as well as a unique view of the Abu Dhabi skyline against the blue and clean waters. Visitors can rent bicycles or choose to sunbathe on one of the three beach options: families, singles and public.

Corniche Beach
© Achilli Family | Journeys/Flickr


After a morning soaking up some vitamin D, people should go to their hotels and dress the part in order to visit the Emirates Palace for the most luxurious afternoon tea in the world. The hotel was the third most expensive in the world to be built, at a cost of approximately US$ 3 billion. The Le Cafe, located inside the hotel, serves the famous 24K Gold Flakes Palace Cappuccino. The delicious coffee is complemented with real flakes of 24-carat gold, turning anyone’s typical coffee drink into an experience to be remembered for a lifetime.

Emirates Palace
© Raventhorne/Flickr


No visit to Abu Dhabi is complete without a little souvenir shopping. Souk Central Market is the perfect place to end the trip, purchasing traditional items to keep as reminders of an amazing time in Abu Dhabi. The Arabian-style market is populated by traditional stores selling everything from traditional dresses to Abu Dhabi-themed mugs and magnets. This is a way to take a little piece of the capital of the UAE for all those back home.

Souk Central Market
© lam_chihang/Flickr
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