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Mountains in Fujairah
Mountains in Fujairah
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How to Plan a Weekend Getaway to Fujairah

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Updated: 24 August 2017
Fujairah is the Emirates where the mountains meet the sea and being the only one located on the east coast of the UAE, this city is the ideal place for a weekend getaway. While most tourists visiting the UAE opt to stay in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi, Fujairah definitely is a must-visit destination in the country. Approximately a three-hour drive away from Dubai, Fujairah offers a unique landscape and the perfect beach getaway for visitors.

Stay by the Beach

Frankly, there isn’t much to do in Fujairah as a city. While Dubai and Abu Dhabi are filled with things to see and do and record breaking attractions, Fujairah doesn’t have much to offer in those terms. However, the Emirate’s unique selling point is the sea. This city offers a vast array of beach resorts with crystal clear waters to bathe and snorkel in. When visiting Fujairah, staying by the beach is a must. Some of the most popular beach resorts in the city are the Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort, Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort and the Radisson Blu Resort. All of these have their own private beaches. For those looking to stay in little villas by the beach, the Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort is also a great option. From there, people can have a great view of Snoopy Island, an island in Fujairah made popular for its resemblance to the cartoon character Snoopy, laying down.

Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort, Fujairah, UAE, +971 9 204 1111

Le Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort, Dibba Road, Al Aqah, Fujairah, UAE, +971 9 244 9000

Radisson Blu Resort, Dibba Road, Al Aqah, Fujairah, UAE, +971 9 244 9700

Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort, Al Aqah, Fujairah, UAE, +971 9 244 5555

Explore the Marine Life

Seeing that Fujairah’s sea water is crystal clear and clean, the marine life in the Emirate is vivid and beautiful. When staying in the city, it is a must to go snorkeling and get a glimpse of all the different sea animals that reside there. When snorkeling in Fujairah, visitors are able to see anything from fish to turtles. Certain tours even take people to snorkel around Snoopy Island, where the high seas allow for a larger variety of sea animals to be spotted.

Cuttlefish | Cuttlefish

Learn the History

Another singular feature that Fujairah has to offer are the historical sights in the city, bringing together a variety of forts, museums and castles that go back as far as five centuries. Fujairah is home to the UAE’s oldest-still standing mosque, a must-see attraction when visiting the country. Al Badiyah Mosque dates back to the 15th century and its rustic construction exudes simplicity and can teach visitors more about the history of the UAE. Another popular historical attraction is the Fujairah Fort, standing on top of a hill and overseeing the entire city of Fujairah.

Al Badiyah Mosque, Al Badiyah, Fujairah, UAE, +971 9 234 3363

Fujairah Fort, Fujairah, UAE

Fujairah Fort
Fujairah Fort | Fujairah Fort