Here's Why Alserkal Avenue, Dubai's Hipster Hub, is Becoming Popular

Alserkal Avenue | © siska maria eviline/Flickr
Alserkal Avenue | © siska maria eviline/Flickr
Photo of Thais Kelly
20 November 2017

For a very long time, Dubai lacked a place where the hipster and artsy community could come together and share their interest and passions. Alserkal Avenue was established in 2007, as a way of bringing together the art community and nurturing creativity in one unique place. Located in Al Quoz, an area of town formerly known for being industrial, the spot has now become one of the trendiest in Dubai.

Alserkal Avenue consists of 20 warehouses spreading across 500,000 square feet. The warehouses, upon first glance, simply look like typical industrial ones. However, they hold some of the most exciting art galleries, trendy cafes and coolest stores in town.

Aserkal Avenue | © Alserkal Avenue

Everything in Alserkal Avenue is focusing on encouraging creativity for all the visitors to the venue. One of the most popular spots is A4 Space. This is a co-working space where anyone can bring their laptop and work from throughout the day. The space, besides providing an open environment for people to work from, is completed with its own library on the mezzanine floor and even board games for those much-needed work breaks.

The artsy venue is also populated by art galleries, such as Ayyam Gallery, Gulf Photos Plus, Green Art Gallery and many more. They host residencies for non-profit artists and it is an ideal way for them to showcase their work to the community. For those who are still looking for their inner artist, they can head to TheJamJar. This unique cafe offers the public their own little studio, where they can pay for a canvas and art supplies and spend their day painting.

Aserkal Avenue | © Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenue is also very big on events. Throughout the year, a series of events take place in the venue, promoting anything from arts, to design, to music and more. Some of the more popular ones are The Good Vibes Market and outdoors film screenings. For those who prefer the performing arts, Alserkal Avenue offers The Junction, its very own theatre – with several popular plays being performed throughout the year. Another incredible spot is The Fridge, where the best local singers and bands get the chance to engage with the public and perform.

As no place is truly complete without food, Alserkal Avenue has a strong arsenal of cafes in order to feed the public. These include Wild and the Moon, the best spot in town for those looking for cold-pressed juices and healthy snacks. Another favorite is Hapi, vastly known for its delicious bone broth and open kitchen, where people can watch their meal being cooked in front of them.

All together, Aserkal Avenue truly is a complete location, with options for all ages and lifestyles, while still maintaining a passion for all things artsy and contemporary. This is a must-see spot for anyone coming to Dubai who wishes to unleash their inner hipster.

Alserkal Avenue | © Alserkal Avenue