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The women's winner of Dubai Marathon 2017 | Courtesy of Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2018
The women's winner of Dubai Marathon 2017 | Courtesy of Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2018
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Everything You Need to Know About Dubai Marathon 2018

Picture of Jessica Harn
Updated: 21 November 2017

The annual Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, with the next one taking place in January of 2018, is a high-level race that attracts some of the world’s greatest runners. With Dubai’s unique landscape as a backdrop, the excitement of the prizes, and the sheer number of participants, the Dubai Marathon continues to grow in popularity every single year.  

The race itself is split up into three different main distance groups: the 42km marathon, the 10km road race, and a 4km fun run. Within these three categories, there are also other numerous subcategories to make sure that everyone, no matter their skill level, can enjoy the marathon. Some of the other subcategories include the 10km Open, the Marathon Push Chair UAE Nationals, and the Marathon Push Chair Open. Each category offers different prizes every year, and because it is Dubai, the top prizes are often very much worth the motivation to win (just for a general ballpark figure, in the past, the top award was 200,000 USD in cash). And no matter what place you come in at the finish line, every participant in the Dubai Marathon will receive a free Adidas Climacool official race T-Shirt along with a finisher’s medal.

The winners of last year’s Dubai Marathon receiving their trophies | Courtesy of Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2018

With the entrance starting in Madinat Jumeirah, be sure to get there early as it can get extremely crowded and full of runners wanting an early start. Opening times are 6:30 am for the 42km Marathon, 9:00 am for the 10km Road Race, and 11 am for the Fun Run. Ticket prices are 183AED for entrance—you can participate in any race or marathon you like. By registering on their website, you’ll also be guaranteed a spot on the tracks. With the sparkling skyline of Dubai and the Burj Al Arab right next to the running track, the race finishes at the end of Umm Suqeim Road near the Dubai Police Academy.

Runners in the 2017 Dubai Marathon | Courtesy of Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2018

Registration for the marathon has already begun, as participants from all over the region start to train for this once-a-year runner’s dream. With its different levels and numerous subcategories for all people to join in the marathon, it’s no wonder that it has one of the highest turnouts of any event in Dubai! Be sure to join in for the fun, and even if you’re not running, the track has spectator seats, delicious local food stalls, and drink stations for those who would rather work out their stomach than legs.