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Fireworks in Dubai | ©Gabriela Gomes / Flickr
Fireworks in Dubai | ©Gabriela Gomes / Flickr
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Celebrating Eid Al-Adha Dubai Style

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Updated: 7 September 2016
Regardless of the modern landscape, the international fame of breaking world records in the architectural, political and cultural fields, the United Arab Emirates continues to strengthen its traditional identity as it grows. In a country where over 200 different nationalities follow their religious and cultural values, the UAE has created a welcoming home for some of the major world religions.

According to the Islamic calendar, September 12th 2016 will see the start of one of Islam’s main celebrations–Eid al-Adha–celebrated as a public holiday following Arafat Day, which is the second day of the annual Islamic pilgrimage. Traditionally on this day Muslim pilgrims follow the tracks of Prophet Muhammad to Mount Arafat in Mecca, where his final sermon was held.

Eid al-Adha follows Arafat Day and celebrates the historical moment of Ibrahim’s readiness to sacrifice his son with goat sacrifices made by the head of each family. Throughout the holidays, families gather for official meals where women and girls get traditional henna designs painted on their hands. Days are spent exchanging gifts with family and passing time in the most fun ways the city has to offer.

Traditional henna design | © Unplash / Pixabay

Traditional henna design | ©Unplash/Pixabay

As always, Dubai doesn’t let a holiday go by without making the most of it! If you’re in town from September 11th to the 16th, make sure you grab your friends and family and set out for the fireworks shows. This year, the best view would be at The Beach, in Jumeirah Beach Residence. It’s a perfect way to end the Eid celebrations after shopping and dinner, so expect to see a big crowd by The Walk!


The Beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence | © WikiCommons

The Beach at Jumeirah Beach Residence | ©WikiCommons

To get the best seat, we’d recommend getting there early, grabbing a table for dinner and waiting on the show for some guaranteed picture-perfect moments. Let’s face it, Dubai doesn’t hold back on the fireworks show so get your cameras ready. The crowd might be large, but don’t worry, the show is said to go on every night during the public holidays, so your chances at catching it are great!

Fireworks in Dubai Marina|© Amar Saleem/Pexels

Fireworks in Dubai Marina| ©Amar Saleem/Pexels