A Solo Traveller's Guide to the UAE

Dubai | © Thais Kelly
Dubai | © Thais Kelly
Photo of Thais Kelly
25 June 2017

The United Arab Emirates is the dream destination for all types of traveller – families, recently married couples on their honeymoon and even solo travellers – there’s something for everyone. When coming to the UAE for a solo trip, visitors are guaranteed to never feel alone as the country is always popping and moving, full of people from across the world for travellers to meet and socialize with. The tips below will make a solo trip to the UAE even easier and more fun.

Read up on UAE’s rules and laws

This should be a must when visiting any new country, but especially in a place like the UAE, it’s vital to be well informed on the country’s laws and social rules. Seeing that the UAE has a very unique culture, there are many regulations that wouldn’t be obvious to tourists. Therefore it’s crucial to know what is within the law, as well as things that tourists should never do when visiting the UAE. This is a way of guaranteeing the most pleasant trip possible.

Find the best place to stay

When travelling alone, the place you choose to stay can make or break a trip. It’s crucial for the solo traveller to the UAE to choose a hotel that is in a busy area where you can easily find restaurants, shops and things to keep busy. The solo traveller should always pick Dubai as their city stay, although the other Emirates have lots to offer, they are not nearly as busy as Dubai. Some of the best areas to look for hotels are Downtown Dubai and Dubai Marina, as they have a vast array of restaurants, bars, malls, touristic attractions and a metro nearby for transport.

Dubai Marina | © Kemal Kestelli/Flickr

Discover the Dubai nightlife

One thing not many visitors are aware of is that Dubai has a vibrant nightlife. The city is populated by bars and clubs for all tastes and budgets. When travelling alone to the city, it’s a great idea to check out the nightlife, as this will be a guaranteed way to meet people and have a fun night. Some of the best spots in town to check out are Barasti Beach, a beach bar that offers live music and an exciting atmosphere to its visitors and Stereo Arcade, the club/pub offers both DJs and live rock and roll music to cater to every taste.

Book your tours of the UAE

There is no shortage of travel agencies that offer several types of tours around the UAE. Whether you want to have a full day tour of Dubai, check out other Emirates like Abu Dhabi and Sharjah or take an adventure on a desert safari – solo travellers hitting up the UAE should definitely book a tour to get to know the country better. This is a certain way of meeting other people who are visiting the city and will allow lonesome visitors to make friends and future plans.

Dubai | © Subramanya Prasad/Flickr

Take some “me time”

Perhaps the best part of travelling alone is getting to enjoy some “me time” and doing things that you normally don’t have time to do in a routine surrounded by other people. One of the best ways to treat yourself in the UAE is by making an appointment at one of its several luxury spas. Whether for a massage, a scrub or a Turkish bath, the country has spas that will baffle even the most sophisticated traveller – and no one ever feels alone when getting a good massage!

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