A Guide to Extreme Sports in Dubai

PUMP IT – OLA SELJORD | Courtesy of XDubai
PUMP IT – OLA SELJORD | Courtesy of XDubai
Photo of Thais Kelly
10 January 2018

In the past few years, Dubai has started to attract global attention when it comes to extreme sports. With XDubai constantly activating the city by bringing in different competitions and events, the city was put on every adrenaline junkie’s map. Whether you’re looking to find your thrills on land, in the water or in the sky, the city will bring them your way.

On the ground

There are several events and places for those who love extreme sports in Dubai. One of the most popular venues in town for this is the XDubai Skatepark. Located right by one of the city’s most popular public beaches, the spot is a skater’s haven. Here, people only pay 50 AED for a day pass and can bring their skateboards, roller blades or bikes in order to enjoy the spot and take some risks.

Another increasingly popular activity in Dubai is obstacle races, several of which take place throughout the year. Races, such as the Spartan Race or the Desert Warrior Challenge, push people to their physical limits, while still being plenty of fun. For those looking to participate, it may be a good idea to up their fitness game before the race, as it’s no walk in the park. Participants are expected to crawl, jump and climb – giving their all to finish the race.

Spartan Race 2017 | Courtesy of XDubai

In the water

Dubai is a great city for those who love water – and an even better place for anyone who wants an adrenaline rush practicing motorized water sports. There are several spots in town that offer activities like wakeboarding (a favourite among Dubai residents), jet-skiing and even flyboarding. XDubai has previously held the Flyboard World Cup in the city, seeing the popularity of the sport. This a great chance for people to fly into the sky with a safe place to land, the clear waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Flyboarding | Courtesy of XDubai

In the sky

Perhaps the most thrilling experience Dubai has to offer is Skydive Dubai. Here, daredevils can free fall from an airplane with the epic backdrop of the Palm Jumeirah. Anyone can skydive, as long as they fulfill the medical requirements, with the assistance of a professional, making this popular among visitors coming from Dubai. After all, this is a sure way to never forget a trip to the city.

Skydive Dubai | © jpmn00/Pixabay