A Couple's Romantic Guide to Dubai

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Updated: 3 October 2017
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Many people would argue that Dubai is the perfect city to be single, with people from all over the world to meet and a vibrant nightlife. However, this city is also a dream destination for couples, with more and more people heading to Dubai for their honeymoons in order to create unforgettable memories. For people in love, this Emirate can be the perfect place to spend some quality together and truly enjoy each other’s company.

Places to stay

One of the best things for couples in Dubai is that there are no shortage of places to stay for a romantic getaway. With a vast selections of luxurious hotels, couples can find the ones that best suit them. Whether they want to invest some money into staying at the Burj Al Arab, the only seven star hotel in the world, or wish to explore an unique location, like the underwater suites of the Atlantis the Palm – there will be no lack of choice. Perhaps it’s best to pick a hotel with amazing spa facilities, in order to enjoy a couples massage and relax during the romantic stay in Dubai.

Atlantis the Palm

Romantic dates

Dubai is known for its world renowned restaurants, so couples will have a variety of places to wine and dine in during their stay in the city. One of the best places to head to for a romantic evening is Souk Madinat Jumeirah. The bazaar like venue is inspired by a traditional Arab market and will give visitors the full Arabian atmosphere as well as a wide selection of restaurants to chose from. For those looking to get drinks and to have a fun night out, the venue is also packed with lively bars and even live music. Best of all? Souk Madinat Jumeirah has various jewelry stores and makes for the ideal place to buy a loved one the perfect gift.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah

Unforgettable experiences

Perhaps the best part of visiting Dubai with one’s lover is the vast array of unique and unforgettable experiences for couples in this Emirate. Travelers can take their soulmate on several singular experiences which will strengthen their relationship and give them things to talk about for their lifetime. How about going higher than ever and visiting the tallest building in the world with a boyfriend/girlfriend? This might just make for the ideal spot for an epic proposal. Alternatively, couples can go contemplate the desert together on safari and do a series of fun activities, from riding camels to smoking hookah together. All in all, a couple’s trip to Dubai will certainly be a memorable one.

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