15 Inspiring Decor Ideas from Dubai

Anything gold and vintage is popular in Dubai | © Wicker Paradise/Flickr
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Updated: 5 December 2017
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Dubai – a dynamic city of both old and new, tradition and innovation, local and global – has some of the best ideas for home decor because of how diverse it can be. From local Emirati designs to influences from abroad, there will always be something in Dubai to inspire new ideas for decorating and designing. Here are a few ideas inspired by the colours and cultures of Dubai to get you started on your next project:

Elaborate rugs or carpets as the main focus in a room

Emiratis, and Arabs in general, love decorating their rooms with enormous and elaborate carpets for guests to sit on and enjoy. By picking out the perfect carpet as the main focal point in a room, you can then draw the attention to the colourful floor and use simpler sofas or wall decorations instead.

Picking out the perfect carpet or rug can be an all-day event

Splashes of gold in the room

Dubai is famous for its love of gold, and by bringing in splashes of gold to any room, you’ll always have a bit of Dubai with you. You can do this by buying a small gold flower vase, by having the edges of your furniture in gold or by even decorating your living room table with a gold tea set, for example.

Mixing antique and modern design

What better way to celebrate Dubai’s diversity and uniqueness than by blending both vintage and modern design? Many Dubai residents love to mix more traditional Emirati table sets or cabinets for example, with a pairing of modern paintings or decorations to celebrate the beauty of both old and new.

Large paintings in the reception/front room

Residents of Dubai, if lucky enough to have their own house, love to have a large reception or front room to welcome guests. Inspiration from this warm hospitality tactic is to follow their example by decorating your front room with large paintings or colours to brighten and awe your guests who visit.

Red and gold

One of the most popular colour schemes in Dubai is the pairing of red and gold. Many people in Dubai use these colours for a vibrant living room, for home library decorations, or as their bedroom decor to bring out a dramatic flair in their home design.

Red is always a favourite colour

Large windows and even larger curtains to make the room seem bigger

Having large windows with richly decorated or flowing curtains is one of the hottest trends in Dubai. Get inspired by this trend to help create the image of a larger room. Let the bright sunshine in for you or for your guests by designing larger windows with fluffy curtains for extra extravagance.

Tea sets as decoration

Arabs love tea. What better way to celebrate your love for Dubai than with beautiful tea sets? Many of Dubai’s residents have tea sets, not only for drinking in their living room, but for a quirky and yet also classy decoration – and of course, to show their love for the art of drinking tea.

Grand chandeliers or lights with a simple sitting area

For those of us who have been to Dubai, many have been in awe of the common sight of grand chandeliers and bright lights that adorn houses, mosques and almost any public building. Many have then taken this as inspiration for their own home decor, with beautiful interior lighting serving as the main focal point and simpler furniture or carpets instead to create an elegant look.

Using calligraphy as part of the wall decor

Arabs love calligraphy and many have the walls of their homes lined with paintings and frames with beautiful Arabic or Quranic calligraphy. Use this as an inspiration for a hallway or an empty part of your home to instantly brighten it up with intricate and stunning Arabic calligraphy.

Believe it or not, this is actually Arabic calligraphy!

Using different shades of gold

Gold doesn’t just come in one shade and the people of Dubai know this to be a fact. One idea for a unique and Dubai-inspired home decor is to use different shades of gold for designing instead of just the classic colour to add depth and layers for a classy and chic look.

Traditional Emirati red and black cushions

The more traditional colours of both Emiratis and the Bedouins, who have lived in the UAE for centuries, is often portrayed as a combination of dark red and black, which was often used to decorate nomadic tents. Many in Dubai, both Emirati and non-Emirati alike, are beginning to appreciate the beauty of traditional UAE culture and have incorporated this colour scheme into living room furniture, carpets, blankets, and even tapestries to hang on the wall.

Traditional bakhoor incense for the luxurious smell and as vintage decor

What better way to celebrate the luxurious perfumes of Dubai than with a traditional bakhoor incense holder? These rich and Arabian smells will linger in your home longer than any expensive candle or diffusor while making a beautifully unique decoration on the side of the living or dining room.

A small garden or courtyard in the middle of your house

Although very inspired by North Africa, many residents in Dubai have taken to creating small gardens or courtyard in their homes (of course, this only works if you have a house). By having a small and peaceful oasis in the middle of your home, you can enjoy the simple beauty of nature and flowers – especially if you live in Dubai and are surrounded by the desert outside.

Even if its a make-shift garden with only cut flowers, many people are enjoying the benefits of having a small corner of the house reserved for some greenery and flowers

Wide and white-coloured entrances to make your house seem bigger

The trend in Dubai right now is to have wide-open and strikingly white entrances or front doors, which creates the effect of looking like your house is actually bigger than it is! While this dramatic entrance might not be for everyone, many still take inspiration from this with the use of bright and clean white colours for entrances to create a fresh atmosphere when entering the home.

Coloured lamps outside the house during the evening for extra warmth and coziness

Specifically inspired by Morocco, but still taking the Dubai decor scene by storm, many have taken to decorating their front yard or entrance with colourful hanging lamps in all different colours—from dark turquoise to greens to warm yellows and vibrant reds. This creates a unique and warm welcoming ambiance to your home from the outside and many will be able to see your house even from a distance!

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