11 Things You Need to Know About Modest Fashion Trends in the Middle East

Muslim women modeling with hijab | © Febrianto P. Utama/ flickr
Muslim women modeling with hijab | © Febrianto P. Utama/ flickr | Flickr
Photo of Jessica Harn
12 October 2017

Designer brands and fashion styles usually get attributed to cities like Paris, Milan, or New York. But one thing for the fashion obsessed to know is that some of the hottest new trends are coming out of the Middle East – and are catering to the growing modest fashion boom! Here are 11 things you need know about the growing popularity of modest trends.

The hijab is making a bold statement about feminism

The hijab is not just a religious garment, it’s also becoming a bold statement in today’s fashion industry. It’s about women making the decision to wear it, to cover what they want, and dress how they like without societal pressures. Wearing the hijab with their head held high in public is now a rallying point for feminists around the Middle East.

Arab women are out changing the world through fashion

Arab and Middle Eastern women are no longer allowing themselves to be stereotyped as the submissive mother figure often forced upon them by mass media. They are out changing the world through many avenues, one of them being fashion. Arab fashion designers such as Yasmine el Said, Zhor Rais, Rula Galayini, and Farah Al Asmar are a few of the names you should know.

Middle Eastern brands are becoming the hottest trend

Some of the most exciting and celebrity-loved fashion brands are now coming out of the Middle East. Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad, Noon by Nour, La Bourjoisie, Rami Kadi, Georges Chakra, and Georges Hobeika are some of the hottest brands making their way into the highest levels of fashion society. Look out for these brands on the red carpet and at the next Paris Fashion Week!

Backstage at the 2011 Elie Saab spring collection walkway | Flickr

Instagram is becoming the best inspiration for Middle Eastern modest fashion trends

For a quick look at the best modest and hijab-friendly fashion trends coming out of the Middle East, look no further than Instagram. Dina Tokio (@dinatokio), Dalal AlDoub (@dalalid), Hend AlRumaihi (@hendrumaihi), Farah Emara (@farahemara), and Latifa AlShamsi (@latifalshamsi) are some of the most popular Instagram fashionistas to follow. One look through these accounts and you’ll be running out the door to spice up your modest looks!

Muslim fashion YouTubers are some of the most popular social media figures

Youtube is another popular source to keep up with the newest trends in modest fashion. From hijab tutorials to blogging about the latest styles, Muslim fashion has never looked more colorful! Watch Dina Tokio, Ruba Zai, Huda Kattan, Saman Munir, or Ahmad & Ascia for fresh ideas on the best in modest clothing.

Muslim model | Flickr

Long skirts and flowy dresses are back

Being modest doesn’t have to mean looking bland, in fact long skirts and dresses are becoming a staple outfit for anyone keeping up with the latest trends. Recreating classic looks from the 50’s or 60’s, many fashion icons from the Middle East are reminding us that we can still look beautiful in a long poodle skirt or flowing daytime dress without looking outdated.

Long and wide-length trousers are taking over short shorts

In addition to long skirts or dresses, wide-length and long trousers are taking over the short shorts obsession. Women are realizing that they no longer have to show off their legs in order to look fashionable, and Muslim women around the Middle East are coming up with new ways to rock the baggy jean or wide-length office pants look.

The more fabric the better! | Flickr

Layering your clothes is the best way to show your unique style

When you’re completely smitten by a short sleeve or revealing top but you don’t want to show off your skin, the modest fashion scene from the Middle East has the answer: layers. More and more women are layering up to create a wider selection of unique looks, perfect for your own specialized style.

The hijab is becoming the focus point to any perfect outfit

Any outfit should have a focus point that draws in the attention, and the hijab is steadily becoming the focal point in any brilliant modest look. The newest trend coming out of the Middle East is to find the perfect hijab look for your outfit, from a bold color choice, to fabric material, and to the shape of the scarf. The hijab is looking incredibly inspiring!

Brightly colored hijab making a fashion statement | Flickr

You don’t have to show off your body to look fashionable

Along with the body positivity movement that’s sweeping the fashion industry, the modest fashion scene is also promoting the idea that the shape or size of your body doesn’t have to be open for the public to criticize. Muslim fashion leaders from around the Middle East are reminding us that sometimes the best kept secret to the perfect outfit is to keep your body itself a secret. Flowing clothes, modest outfits, and wearing the hijab are becoming more powerful than the actual body to many.

Being fashionably modest is becoming empowering to more and more people

Finally, the most important thing to know about the modest fashion trends coming out of the Middle East is that being modest while being fashionable is incredibly empowering to millions of women and men around the world. It not only gives them a sense of control over their own bodies, but it lets people stay true to how they want to dress while having the complete freedom to be as bold and as daring as they want to be with their fashion. Being modest has never looked so magnificent.

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