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Emirati Mandi dish
Emirati Mandi dish | Flickr
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11 Dishes You Would Definitely Want to Visit Dubai For

Picture of Jessica Harn
Updated: 30 September 2017
While Dubai is famous for its gold and riches, many don’t realize that Dubai has some amazing dishes that everyone has to try at least once in their life. Here are a list of 11 delicious dishes that locals in Dubai go crazy for.


Originally from Yemen but now thoroughly integrated into the local culture and culinary scene of the UAE, mandi is a succulent rice dish that is brimming with spices, meat, and onions.

Emirati Mandi dish
Emirati Mandi dish | Flickr


One of Dubai’s signature dishes, harees is a thick white porridge that is cooked for hours over a small flame, infused with juicy shredded lamb and cardamom. For extra deliciousness, sprinkle some cinnamon over the top before eating.

Camel meat

While traditionally a Bedouin dish, you have to try camel at least once while you’re in Dubai! It is usually served in a stew, grilled, or in a curry. Either way you’ll be sampling something authentically local.

Khameer with date syrup and cheese

Emirati flatbread, fluffy and soft served with sweet date syrup and fresh cheese, might just be enough of a reason to fly to Dubai today! It’s also a perfect breakfast dish.

Emirati bread
Emirati bread | Flickr


A spice-filled aromatic rice dish that can be cooked with vegetables, meat, or even seafood, biriyani is everyone’s favorite comfort food.

Machboos rice with chicken

Another classic dish to try while in Dubai, machboos rice with chicken is usually served on a platter large enough to feed the entire neighborhood. Flavorful rice, juicy chicken, and with spices infused in every bite, people go crazy for this dish!

Marak samak

A classic Emirati fish dish, this will satisfy anyone who wants to taste the seafood of Dubai. Served as a fish stew, the flavors are deep and spicy, while also having a clean, fresh taste. You’ll be coming back for more.

UAE Fish Market
UAE Fish Market | Flickr

Lamb or goat thareed

This dish has enough ingredients and flavors to satisfy everyone at the table. While it looks like a stew, it is actually filled with crispy bread, meat, vegetables, and a chicken and tomato broth. It may look like a heavy dish, but it is actually quite light and easily disappears within minutes.


A sweet pudding dish served after dinner, muhalibiya is infused with rose water and cardamom. The beautiful aromas and smooth textures make this dish the perfect way to relax after dinner.

Esh Asaraya

A traditional dessert dish served in Dubai, this cake consists of an almost cheesecake-like texture and is made with sweet bread, cream, and syrup. Cinnamon is used to perfection.

Cinnamon at the Dubai Spice Souq
Cinnamon at the Dubai Spice Souq | Flickr

Assidat al-Boubar

Another sweet dish served with dessert, this is a pudding made from local pumpkins, spiced with enough warm flavors to make it almost a meal in itself. You’ll become addicted to this in no time!