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Saudi Arabia | © SofiLayla/Pixabay
Saudi Arabia | © SofiLayla/Pixabay
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Why Saudi Arabia Has One of the World's Worst Traffic-Related Deaths

Picture of Thais Kelly
Updated: 10 November 2017
In September the world celebrated Saudi Arabia’s announcement that as of June 2018, women will be able to drive in the country. Although this development has gotten the Kingdom’s population extremely excited, it’s not all good news when it comes to Saudi Arabia’s roads. The country has one of the world’s highest numbers of traffic-related deaths, with shocking statistics revealing the dangers of driving in Saudi.

It’s a well known fact that Saudis love their cars. The Gulf Kingdom’s locals are renowned fans of fast sports cars. Perhaps that is one of the reasons Saudi Arabia has one of the highest rates of traffic-related accidents in the world. The country sees a shocking average of 25 traffic deaths a day.

A recent viral video of an 8 year-old boy driving a car has brought to light the dangers of driving in the country. The video was filmed in Jeddah and angered many, Saudi police have since taken action, as the dangerous act helps highlight the on going problem on the country’s roads.

Saudi Arabia has seen an overwhelming number of 533,000 traffic accidents in 2016 alone, resulting in a total of 9,031 traffic deaths and 38,000 people suffering injuries. This number is one of the largest in the entire globe.

However, there’s hope that the number of accidents will soon decrease, considering that the ban on women driving has been lifted and Saudi women will be able to drive as of June 2018. The Saudi Interior Minister has said that the decision to allow women to drive should reduce the number of traffic accidents in the country, reasoning that it will be a more pedagogical practice.

Saudi Arabia | © 12019/Pixabay