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Teen Arrested in Saudi Arabia for Dancing to 'Macarena'

Picture of Ryan Kristobak
Music Editor
Updated: 25 August 2017
A teenage boy was recently arrested after a video of him dancing in the street of the Saudi city of Jeddah went viral.

The 14 year old, sporting over-the-ear headphones and bright yellow and green crocs, can be seen doing the classic moves to Los del Río’s ’90s hit Spanish song ‘Macarena’ in the video, laughing as he stands in the middle of the crosswalk in front of several lanes of cars.

The Saudi teen was reportedly detained for ‘disrupting traffic and improper public behavior.’ Thankfully, as the Washington Post reported, the boy has been released from custody:

‘The state-linked Al-Riyadh news website quoted Col. Aati bin Attiyah al-Qurashi as saying the 14-year-old Arab national was brought to police along with his father, who was asked to sign a pledge vowing to protect his son and not to violate public morals. Al-Qurashi says the boy was then swiftly released from custody.’

The article also stated that the video might be somewhere around a year old.

While traditional dance is permitted in Saudi Arabia, Western music and dancing are largely prohibited.

In related news, a Saudi Arabian singer and TV host was arrested for dabbing while performing at a music festival in the city of Taif earlier this month. Authorities in the country claim that the dance move ‘promotes drug culture’.