The 10 Best Bars In Ramallah, Palestine

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9 February 2017

Need some help navigating the streets of Ramallah to find a place to spend the evening? Here’s our guide to Ramallah’s best bars, which will lead you to the tastiest cocktails and the liveliest atmospheres.

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Elevator Lounge

The elegant and classy Elevator Lounge is open into the early hours of the morning and has a sophisticated ambiance. For those of you looking to avoid the sticky, loud, and overwhelming bars of Ramallah, the Elevator Lounge will feel just right. Their cocktails are especially delicious and will leave you feeling that pleasant buzz and burn you were looking for. For a little extra something, pair your colorful cocktail with one of their light bar meals. The breaded shrimp and the pasta dishes complement their drinks particularly well.

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Carthage is another bar renowned for its cocktails, which seem to glow in the dark in a certain light. Expect an array of colors you never imagined a drink could be alongside some thumping music. The Carthage bar is most suited to those who like to party as hard as their vital organs can cope with, and has a sleek, modern decor. To make the most of Carthage, visit on a Monday and take advantage of their Beer & Wings offer. For a brilliant price they will give you a draft of beer with two plates of wings. But their wings aren’t the only good food they serve – their brilliant chefs cook until midnight, so you can drink and eat to your heart’s content.

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Elkhuzama bar and restaurant is of a different style entirely to many bars in Ramallah. If you are looking for a laid-back bar where you can truly kick back and relax, then visit on a Thursday, when chilling out is their top priority. They also provide some seriously good deals, with a daily offer of buy-one-get-one-free on beers between eight and nine every evening. Their restaurant also hosts some dazzling musical performances, including Plan “B” and Hani Mitwasi.

Sushi | © Steve Snodgrass/WikiCommons

The Martini Bar

The Martini bar is best known for the array of events it hosts. These have recently included a Sushi and Wine evening, music by Karma Field and their DJs, a Summer Party and Wings and Beer night. It is safe to say that spending an evening at the stylish Martini bar will never be boring. This bar is full of surprises and is in the game of keeping things fresh and exciting. So check out the bar and enjoy their vast selection of drinks, their lit dance floor, and the plush seating areas.

Chicken Wings | © Clotee Pridgen Allochuku/WikiCommons

The Holy Family Park

The Holy Family Park provides a setting for you and your drinking buddies. They have ample space outside beneath the lush green trees, where the seating is spacious and relaxed. Lounge outside in the evening when it’s cool, and smoke some shisha with your drinks. The area is well-lit and provides the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing evening at a bar. To top off your evening, enjoy your drinks with a plate of chicken wings. What better way to spend the night?

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Whiskey & More

‘Life is short’ is the Whiskey & More slogan. So, instead of spending your evening at home, hit this wonderful whiskey bar. But don’t be put off if whiskey isn’t your perfect poison; the Whiskey & More bar has an endless selection of drinks, just waiting to be sipped, chugged, and poured. At good value for your money, there is no better place to wet your tongue. The bar favors the joke, “I drank so much vodka last night that I woke up with a Russian accent,” so it is safe to say that this bar has a pretty feisty attitude.

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The Sangria’s Summer bar is a bright and lively place to spend the evening. It is most suited to groups of women looking to have a sorely needed girls’ night out. To accompany your drinks, they often serve a piping paella, cooked right before your eyes in a traditional massive paella wok. The aroma will catch your attention long before you see the food, and your belly will be rumbling for a taste. As the icing on the cake, they frequently hold special evenings like Greek Night and Bouzouki Night, which feature some superb live music.

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SnowBar Garden Pool Restaurant and Bar

On top of offering spectacular food in this ideal environment, the Snowbar also serves some wonderful drinks. Try one of their cocktails and you will be begging for more. By the end of the evening, you may well have tried them all and be staggering back to your hotel. What better way to enjoy a chilled drink than in toasty weather with a pool nearby? Take a dip to cool yourself off after a hot day before lounging around with a few drinks to pass the time. You will surely have an unforgettable evening, in good company, with good hosts.

Snowbar, Ein Musbah, Ramallah, 022 965571

Sunset | © Fir0002/WikiCommons

Sky Gate Terrace and Bar

For those of you looking for a bar with some edge, this revolving restaurant and bar on the 23rd floor of the Palestinian Trade Tower is just what you were looking for. With spectacular views over Ramallah, this classy bar is the perfect place to drink in style. As the bar revolves, you will get to see Ramallah from every angle, and the sight never gets tiring. To make the most of it, start drinking just before sunset and watch the sun light up the sky before night falls.

Shisha | © Lars Ploughman/Flickr

The Cave Bar

The Cave Bar is a local favorite, and all you men out there who love to get a little loud will fit in just right. They frequently have acoustic music playing and offer hookah with their drinks. The bar can get pretty lively, and resisting the urge to dance along with the music is almost impossible, so take your dancing shoes. This casual bar is the place to be if you want to experience what an authentic Palestinian evening is like.

9722, Ramallah Tahta, Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine, +970 599 396 497

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