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© APAImages / REX / Shutterstock
© APAImages / REX / Shutterstock
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In Palestine, a Barber is Playing with Fire to Give Clients a Radical New Look

Picture of India Doyle
Updated: 6 February 2017
For many people, a trip to the hair salon is already a nerve-racking affair, but an experimental hairdresser in Palestine has added extra drama to the art of coiffuring by blazing a new trail in hair straightening.

Ramadan Edwan is a barber who runs a salon in the Rafah refugee camp. One of his more avant-garde treatments is to offer a theatrical hair-straightening technique in which he douses clients’ hair in a flammable liquid and sets it on fire before styling.

Edwan, straightening a client's hair | © APAImages / REX / Shutterstock
Edwan, straightening a client’s hair | © APAImages / REX / Shutterstock

Edwan adopted the technique as an innovative response to the lack of electricity in the camps, using fire as an alternative to hair straighteners or a hair dryer. And as theatrical as these images are, they are also sobering reminders of the human struggle at the heart of the refugee crisis – the denial of basic forms of self-expression.

When a visit to the barber becomes theatre | © APAImages / REX / Shutterstock
When a visit to the barber becomes theatre | © APAImages / REX / Shutterstock

The experimental technique is one that is reportedly already being used by hairdressers in Europe; this could become an influential beauty trend in 2017.