The Best Cafes In Ramallah, Palestine

The Best Cafes In Ramallah, Palestine
With Ramallah’s wealth of culture, tourists will find themselves thoroughly exhausted by the end of their sightseeing. When you’re hungry, thirsty, and needing your caffeine fix, check out one of these top cafes in Ramallah.
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Castana Café

The Castana Café is the ideal place to sit and chill in Ramallah. Along with their luscious coffees, they also serve some delicious pizzas, burgers and pasta. Their fettuccini is especially good, and comes highly recommended. The presentation of their food is very impressive and will leave your mouth watering. To top off the appeal of this cafe, their decor is authentically Palestinian. The white cobblestone walls make for an attractive setting.

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Pesto Café

For the Pesto Café, high standards are the name of the game. They live up to their local reputation of having incredible service, premium food, and a welcoming atmosphere. The cafe is open, modern, and very bright inside, with vast windows letting in natural sunlight from outside. Their decor is very compelling in its simplicity. It emphasizes the natural light with white furniture and a black-and-white tiled floor. If you are looking for a modern place to sit and eat, you will be more than happy with Pesto Café.

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Zamn Café

The Zamn Café prides itself on its plethora of aromas. Upon entering the cafe you will be struck by the scent of coffee being freshly brewed. Their premium coffee beans make for a spectacular taste that you aren’t likely to forget. Combine this addictive scent with the aroma of freshly baked goods and you will find yourself wandering in off of the streets without any intention of doing so. The smell lives up to the taste, which finishes off the brilliant experience you will have at the Zamn Café. Their sandwiches and salads are particularly good.

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La Vie Café

La Vie Café specializes in vegetarian cuisine and has created quite an impressive menu of delectable vegetarian meals. The quality of their espresso is especially brilliant, but they also enjoy providing top-quality cakes, pies, burgers and fresh juices. La Vie Café thinks of itself almost as a farm-cafe; they feature a rooftop organic garden where they grow almost all of their produce and harvest their own honey. Their garden is open in the summer and is the ideal place to sit and relax in the sun. To top it off, they are in the process of building an indoor pool. With almost everything they cook coming from their organic and beautiful garden, it is no wonder that this cafe is so popular.

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Syraan Restaurant & Café

This well-decorated restaurant and cafe will leave you feeling well-served and fully satisfied. Pair their drinks with their tasty meals, and you will leave with a date set to return for seconds. Their lasagna comes highly recommended; it’s full of flavor, juicy, and piping hot. But rest assured that all of their food is equally memorable. Their decor is modern and classy, and provides its customers with a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

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This cafe is especially popular with Amman’s young professionals looking to get their caffeine fix. The products are made with the highest quality ingredients, which means they produce some of the best flavors in town. Their menu is extensive and perfectly designed, meaning there is something for everyone on this menu. If you are looking to taste the Palestinian experience, try their range of manaessh, the Middle Eastern pizza full of flavor. Or, if you’re in the mood for something sweet, their waffles are truly addictive.

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Sindyan Restaurant & Café

Sindyan is a sharply decorated cafe for those who like to eat and drink in style. The reflective black surfaces of the bar are sleek, and the seating is plush and comfortable. They serve their colorful and tasty food in creatively shaped dishes, which adds to their appealing presentation. When you visit, trying their crepes is an absolute must. They are tender, sweet, and sprinkled with crushed nuts and chocolate. These crepes go wonderfully with their creamy drinks. For locals in Ramallah, this cafe is a regular for them, and it isn’t difficult to understand why. Enjoy their full flavors, they fresh ingredients, and their imaginative menu.