The Top 10 Restaurants In Nablus, The West Bank

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9 February 2017

Navigating the Palestinian Territories can feel next to impossible. These are the places where everything is spread through word of mouth, and all the locals will know the best spots to stop and eat. So to save you the hassle of hunting down the best restaurants in Nablus, here is The Culture Trip’s list of the top ten.

Milkshake | ©Visitor7/WikiCommons

Nosha Café

There is a time for fine-dining, and there is a time for pizzas piled with cheese, steak, and french fries. Nosha Café is the ideal place to visit if you are hunting for the latter to fill your belly. As you separate their pizzas slice by slice, you will see strings of melted cheese desperately trying to keep the pizza intact. Their steaks are wonderfully tender and topped with roasted peppers and broccoli, making them both colorful and delicious. Pair your meal with their perfect ice cream milkshakes and fresh juices.

Address and telephone number: Rafedia Main Street, 00970 Nablus, Palestine, 0598888841

Manakeesh | © Nsaum75/WikiCommons


The Zodiac is the place to be for those of you out there who love to sink your teeth into a succulent piece of meat. They barbecue all of their meats to perfection, leaving them juicy and tender. Their selection of pizza will allow guests to taste some authentic Palestinian cuisine by trying their zaatar topped slices. They call this dish manakeesh, and the zaatar is interspersed with sesame seeds. This dish has a unique and striking taste you won’t be likely to forget it. Their decor is modern and sophisticated.

Stuffed Vine Leaves | © Alpha/Flickr


To get a true taste of genuine Palestinian food, Rozana should be your first stop in Nablus. They will provide you with a menu packed full of Palestinian classics, including their delicious stuffed vine leaves, their koubbeh, and kebab. You won’t be disappointed by their flavorful meals. To perfect your experience, try their fresh fruit smoothies and chocolate milkshakes. If that isn’t to your fancy, their array of desserts are beautifully presented and bursting with chocolate.

Address and telephone number: Rafedia Main St., 00972 Nablus, Palestine, 09-2345404

Hummus | © Tamorlan/WikiCommons

Saleem Afandi Restaurant

At the Saleem Afandi restaurant, you will dine in the sky. The restaurant is located on one of the highest floors of a skyscraper in Nablus, so expect some of the best views in Palestine and dine in style. As for their menu, you will be spoiled for choice. Their salty fried sea fish will leave you wanting more, and their freshly made hummus or their baba ganoush is a perfect second choice. These classic Palestinian dishes are truly impeccable and are the perfect starter to their prawns, which are lovely and pink, and bursting with flavor.

Address and telephone number: Nablus Municipality Commercial Complex/Downtown, Nablus, Palestine, +970 9 238 1118

Schnitzel | © Benreis/WIkiCommons

Piano Café & Restaurant

The unusual decor of this hookah lounge is very Picasso-esque, being quite peculiar and unique. This makes for an exciting experience, and you will be invited to try their hookah and eat some of their tasty meals. Their dishes are simple but memorable, and the menu features many typical Palestinian dishes, for example, fried fish, schnitzel, and fattoush salad. Their cocktails are also particularly impressive.

Address and telephone number: Al Najah University St, 00972 Nablus, Palestine, 092345448


The Tanoreen provides its customers with a truly unique dining experience. Their specialty is their spiced chicken, dripping with juiciness when plated. They place their basted chickens on a three-tiered rack which they then lower into a hole in the ground, over a hot pit. When they remove the chicken, it’s crispy and ready to be devoured. This special way of cooking the chicken give it a smoky flavor and can be a pleasant surprise for visitors. This restaurant has an outdoor area set under canopies and overlooking Nablus.

Address and telephone number: Located inside Nablus, 00972/Tunes St., Nablus, Palestine, 09-2351539

Prawns | © Mate Marschalko/Flickr


Zadona cooks some of the best Palestinian food in Nablus. Their meals have such an array of flavors and spices that they can be quite addictive. They marinate their meats until they are tender and serve them on a bed of rice. Don’t expect plain or boring rice; the juices of the meat are so full of flavor that they permeate the entire dish, which is accompanied by fresh salads. Most importantly, their menu is very diverse, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy, no matter their preferences.

Address and telephone number: The academy street, Nablus, Palestine, 093654230

Smoke | © William Warby/Flickr

Arena Café

This is the ideal place to come and chill, and it is very popular with the locals. So if you are looking to experience the Palestinian lifestyle first hand, pop by the Arena Café and smoke some hookah. Expect to be drawn in by the sweet smells of the hookah smoke combined with the aroma of meat being grilled. Their food is well presented and simple. Their chicken wings are particularly good, as are their grilled meats. All of their dishes can be accompanied by fresh salads.

Chocolate Cake | © Karen Neoh/Flickr

Qaser Aljabi

Qaser Aljabi serves many incredible dishes. They are particularly apt at serving large parties, so they do well with tourist groups. But quality isn’t sacrificed for the sake of quantity. Their food is consistently delicious and always leaves customers coming back for more. Their desserts are especially brilliant. Their barbecue chicken comes most highly recommended, being a lovely golden brown color from the sticky barbecue sauce, with a crispy skin.

Address and telephone number: Al Jabal Al Abyad, Al M’ajeen, 00970 Nablus, Palestine, 092384180

Tabbouleh | © Lablascovegmenu/Flickr


Where to begin with the Elite Restaurant? The best way to experience this place is to try it all. Start by ordering a selection of their mezze. They will serve you some of the best dishes in Palestine, including hummus, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, and fattoush. By the time the dishes are empty, you will be more than satisfied.

Address and telephone number: 00970, Nablus complex rotor first floor, Nablus, Palestine, 092372220

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